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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 6/24/2013 5:38:42 PM EDT
What are the advantages or disadvantages of going with billet recievers? Anyone have bad experiences with their own billet sets? Thanks.
Link Posted: 6/24/2013 5:50:58 PM EDT
Originally Posted By 46and2:
What are the advantages or disadvantages of going with billet recievers? Anyone have bad experiences with their own billet sets? Thanks.

Mine have had excellent fit and finish. Never any problems. I've never had problems with my other sets though either.

Your going to hear a lot of pure B.S. that is completely pointless. Build it and enjoy it.
Link Posted: 6/24/2013 5:56:32 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/24/2013 5:59:00 PM EDT by 99VAXJer]
Mega recivers flawless fit finish and there full ambi too

Edit: just thought of the only negative for my receivers waiting for them while there on back order lol
Link Posted: 6/24/2013 6:05:53 PM EDT
Only discernible disadvantage is price. Go for it. Some people will say that billet isn't as strong, but you're not using it as a support beam, so it's a non-issue.
Link Posted: 6/24/2013 6:10:53 PM EDT
Originally Posted By Medicfrost:
Only discernible disadvantage is price.

And sometimes weight. Also, some billet uppers are not compatible with all handguards as some index off of a forged upper and the billet upper may prevent that.

The biggest pro I see is that some of them are cut add certain features like ambi controls.

Link Posted: 6/24/2013 6:12:38 PM EDT
My billet lower will not accept PMAGS. Too tight in a billet "Sun Devil" out of Mesa AZ. I use it with a 5.45x39 upper so it's not a problem BUT if I were set up for 5.56/.223 in that lower I'd be hurting. I know for a fact that the owner was saying that it will accept "Mil-Spec" USGI aluminum mags and that I could send it back to him and he would "sand the interior walls of the mag well" for me....no thank you!

I'm sure you will be fine as this was about 4 years ago.
Link Posted: 6/24/2013 7:22:28 PM EDT
I've been waiting on the ambi mega upper/lower set

Joe bobs gets them in every once and a while
Link Posted: 6/24/2013 8:27:14 PM EDT
I have tactical machine lowers for two 308 build and I think they feel and fit great Pmags work too
Link Posted: 6/24/2013 8:41:05 PM EDT
Cross Machine Tool (CMT Tactical) makes their billet upper and lower receivers out of 7075-T6 Aluminum Billets.
Link Posted: 6/24/2013 8:56:35 PM EDT
For 10 years, I only used forgings. I am small time so I only purchased 500 at a time. They used to be $13.00 - $15.00 each plus shipping. Now they are $27.00 - $29.00 each if you can get them. There is only 3 forging company's that I know of and none will even talk to small timers like me. The thing with forgings is they vary so much in width. In the trigger area, I have had them anywhere from .855 to .895 in width. I always figured they threw in some skinny's to small guy's because the big manufacturers would not take them. I always had to batch them in .005 increments and change offset so that wall thickness was equal. I am sure you all have seen some that had one thin wall and one thick in the trigger area. I switched to billet because I cannot buy forgings. Now I will never go back. Initially, it was alot of work to come up with what I liked. Ad a little here, beef it there. With billet, you can do whatever you want, with forgings you are locked into the forged features. Forgings are a little stronger dimension for dimension, but with billet you can reinforce or beef up an area a little to equalize that. The only real area that would be an issue anyway is the receiver extension area. That is easy to add extra strength to if you want to use it as an axe. I personally like both, I just like the consistency and customizing ability of billet. Craig
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