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Posted: 7/19/2008 9:07:06 PM EDT
Anyone have one?  Had personal experience with one?  Stared really hard at one in a display cabinet once upon a time years ago?  Bueller?

Nowhere online can I seem to find any sort of indication as to how long the battery generally lasts on a Z-Point, and it seems like virtually no one has any significant first-hand experience with the optic, even though it's been out for a while.  Supposedly the solar panel "prolongs" battery life, but I've seen no mention of anything similar to the Aimpoint ACET's design, which makes me fear that the battery life might be well below 100 hours in darkness.  And I've got absolutely no clue what to guess as to the influence of the solar panel.  

Aside from the somewhat complicated control system which I'm aware of, I'm also curious as to any sort of information on durability.  Anyone?
Link Posted: 7/20/2008 1:46:41 AM EDT
Overpriced and over rated. For 150.00-200.00 on the right platform, they would be really decent. Short of that, there are way better choices availible.

I tried mine on a few shotguns and carbines. Its too low for use on an AR with a standard FSB and there isn't a riser that I know of. For a small RDS, its decent, but much better choices exist.

The Aimpoint Micro is probably one of the best RDS' availible, large or small. Aimpoints, and EoTechs are combat proven-there durability is proven. This isn't the case with the Z-Point.

I don't recall what the battery life was, but it was better than my EoTech 5.11's*clearly* but worse than my Aimpoints*clearly*. I don't see how the solar BS is any better than the fiber optic/tritium of other optics.

On a DSA TP9 or HK MP7, the Z point would be a decent choice. Even then, an Aimpoint micro is still better. I would rather have an Aimpoint/EoTech/Trijicon reflex over the Zpoint.
Link Posted: 7/20/2008 5:14:28 AM EDT
I have 2 Z Points and they both rock. I have one on a 45-70 and haven't lost zero. The other is on a YHM riser on an AR-15. Small and compact it works great. Just hit one button and it auto adj. for changing light. Sure, without a roll cage it may not be as tough as a EOTech however, I've broken a EOTech just from shooting. Never broke my Z Point. I guess if you drop your rifle right on the optic an Aimpoint would bust too. Bottom line is the Z Point is just a good as any other optic but it's not backed by a lot of hype and slick magazine ads. It's solar powered cause the Germans can't have tritium. Likewise, I've changed the bats in my EOTech but I've never changed the bats in the Z Point.
It's a Zeiss so this mess about not being high quality is bogus.
Lack of hype is the only thing that has hurt the Z Point on Ar15.com
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