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Posted: 9/24/2004 10:38:09 PM EDT
I am in the market for another AR. My problem is that everything I have looked at
RRA, OLY, ASA, Bushy, and even a 24" Les Bauer looks like hell compared to my Colt.

I really want to get away from Colt (F**** Colt) but I havent found one that can compare to the colts finish (ie. no tool marks, smooth, etc)

Even the old SP1's (which I am going to buy as soon as I find one semi-reasonably priced $1,000.00) beat the hell out of everything I have seen so far. Naturally the SP is light gray vs the black

I was shocked by the Les that I looked at today. For $1,900.00 (yes it is a tack driver and the trigger was fantastic) the finish on the upper recv and lower sucked

How do your's look??? I am seeing abnormal shit?? all examples were a different gun shops
Link Posted: 9/24/2004 11:13:15 PM EDT
I either refinish mine, or use them as total tools and don't worry about it. My duty Colt is certainly not my best looking AR, not even when it was new....
Link Posted: 9/25/2004 6:59:31 AM EDT
Fit and finish seem to vary from production run to production run. For example, my Colts have exhibited a better and more consistant degree of finish than most of my other AR's, but there have been exceptions. Colt has suffered when they have had labor contract problems in the past, and the last I heard they're having problems again!

When RRA experienced a surge in popularity a couple of years ago some of the examples of their production that I examined at that time appeared a little rough. Possibly from the rush to fill a sudden demand from their dealers?

I remember the QC lapse that plagued Bushmaster when it attempted to meet the huge upswing of orders brought upon by the milenium scare.

I also recall a general falling-off of fit and finish quality from all manufacturers that attempted to push AR's through the AWB window in 1994 before it slammed shut.

Before I get flamed, let me say that the inconsistant quality in the area of fit and finish has, in my experience, not been limited to the manufacturers mentioned above. I merely cited them as examples. A hands-on examination before you buy is the only way to be sure that you'll be satisfied with the finish of any prospective purchase.
Link Posted: 9/25/2004 7:19:14 AM EDT
I ding my rifles up at the range anyway. Finish is not so important. Functionality is.
Link Posted: 9/25/2004 7:21:50 AM EDT
You can always strip the finish, do some surface prep, and anodize it yourself.

The best looking receivers I have are the 80% ones that I completed, sanded down with progressively finer sand paper, followed by sandblasting and home anodizing in my garage.
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