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Posted: 5/7/2003 12:58:20 PM EST
First of all, I have always been a proponet of Wolf. I have shot about 1000 rounds of it through my .45, and around 300 rounds through my new AR-15 without problem. Today I was out at the range and firing slow, when a round failed to extract. I couldnt get it out, brought my gun home and hit out the case with a cleaning rod, and probably smashed the crown of my muzzle in doing so. It looks like the extractor tore the rim off a side of the case since it was so stuck in there. I wanted ti share this story since I always belived in Wolf, but my new AR choked up on it, which is disappointing because I believe a good assault rifle should shoot anything.
BTW, it is a Bushmaster M4orgery

On a side note, I cant find any significant dings in the crown. How likely is it that I ruined my barrel?
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From the sound of it , I would say dont worry about your muzzle. But be more careful next time and only feed Wolf to your AK'S!!
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Just make sure there is no laquer in your chamber from the wolf ammo or your gun may have trouble feeding anything. This is why I hate wolf.
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Failure to feed and extract ammunition (eg Wolf) is an indication of deficiency in the rifle or maintenance thereof. If you have problems with Wolf, I have heard that scrubbing out the chamber with a chamber brush and CLP after sessions is a prudent measure. Myself, I've yet to have had an issue with my unchromed JT Distributing rifle. Never seen laquer problems, never had extraction problems. It'll happen eventually, sure, but it doesn't seem to be any worse than XM193 or SA battlepack. The way I figure, you're saving enough to justify an issue every so often, even if it may not actually be ammo related.
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 12:09:08 PM EST
i have heard all the pros and cons of wolf ammo and stayed away from it for a long time, but we purchased 3 cases of the hollow point and i am very happy to report that we fired 2000 rounds from bushmasters,colts,rra,jt using usgi,orlite,and thermold mags without a single ftf, fte. we did notice minor residue from the laquer but a little scrubbing with clp took care of it. at 97.50 (cash) a case, you cant beat this deal if you do a lot of shooting. Prices are from the san antonio gun show.
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 2:49:47 PM EST
I fire it out of a .223 chamber with no problems. You need to keep your rifle clean, but when has that not been the case. [;)]
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 3:36:56 PM EST
I couldn't agree more, the price is awesome. I am a meticiouls (sp?) cleaner, cleaning my guns after after shoot until patches come clean, and I still had this happen to me. If it didnt, I would still shoot it. If it works in your rifle, thats awesome and Im jealous, but Im scared of damaging mine after what happened. I just wanted to tell the story because I've head so many "My friend" stories, and this finally happened to me....
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 5:40:32 PM EST
It really isnt cheap enough to warrant the risk involved with using it. For chrissakes IT HAS A STEEL CASE. How can one not love the look of all that shiny brass.
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 5:59:04 PM EST
Uh-oh. [peep]
Link Posted: 5/8/2003 6:40:56 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/8/2003 6:42:29 PM EST by armatt15]
Wolf ammo sucks. It always has and it always will. Buy a high dollar rifle which is finicky to begin with and then run the cheapest crap ammo you can find through it. Makes sense to me.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 7:12:40 AM EST
Stryker- Number of rounds before failure, and since last cleaning. Other munitions fired since last "incident"? Also a piccie of said case would be appreciated, with a side image including the area where the extractor pulled off, as well as a shot of the head. Thanks. ZRH- You have'nt seen a "popped" AR-15/M-16 before I take it. Shiny Brass. Not a single catastrophic case failure attributed to a steel case 5.56MM round. ARMatt- "Always has, and Always will"? You're a psychic? (And "Finicky to begin with"? You're out to win friends in the AR community, aren't you..) Unless you're shooting some rare and unusual firearm, the ammunition will ALWAYS be cheaper than the weapon. So, does this mean you're gleefully spending $10.00 or more per box for the finest match grade fodder to pop at cans or plates? Yes, it's cheap. Yes it smells. I've tested it in my weapons, and it's satisfactory. If you're going to produce a blanket statement like "It always sucks, and always will" at least provide a wee bit of evidence or data to support this. DO consider that A LOT of people are having good results with this ammunition. Meplat-
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 7:38:36 AM EST
it seems to me that the problemas are not so much with the wolf ammo itself but maybe the owners "cleaning habits". we just went through the third case of wolf without any problems. thats 3000 rounds without a hiccup of any of our firearms. i have been reloading ammo for the past 6 years and pride myself on good quality, but its hard to beat the price of wolf, i know it smells funny, and maybe it needs a little more elbow grease afterwards, but, at 97.50 a case compared to 178.00 for winchester, heeeeeeellllllllloooooo!!!!!!!
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 7:40:17 AM EST
I shot about 20 rounds pretty slowly, then I had the failure. This was the first shooting of the day, I had shot it one week earlier and I clean as soon as I get home, so it was a clean rifle. I havent gone shooting since. I threw the case away but I dont think i have taken that trash out yet, so if its not too gross Ill try and pull it out for a pic. about 20% of the rim was pulled off by the extractor. As far as i can tell, my extractor is fine. Ive cycled rounds through the rifle since and it ejects fine.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 8:37:21 AM EST
This doesn't really prove anything, considering I had the exact same thing happen to my gun using winchester m193. It's gonna happen everyonce in a while to someone. Sometimes there are those cases that are molded too thin. I have yet to have an FTE or FTF with wolf .223 And even if I do have one it's not going to be enough to make me stop using it. I use wolf in every gun I have.. .22 .223 .45 9mm 12ga and it all works like a charm. Unfortunatly the .223 is underpowered. But other than that I like it, but i can get a little boring to shoot if you are an AR owner.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 9:32:02 AM EST
Meplat, "always will"...ok, maybe a little extreme. "finicky".... absolutely, to deny this is being unrealistic. That's why it's so important to keep your rifle clean and well maintained. BTW, I've been shooting for 30 years now and have owned approximately 50 firearms. The AR is far and away the finest all around firearm that I've ever had. One reason I would never feed it bottom of the barrel ammo. Personally, I've never had the need to win friends in any community. I do agree with you that there is no need to buy expensive ammo to pop cans with. I do believe that anyone who can afford an AR can afford to buy decent ammo for it but to each his/her own.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 1:13:08 PM EST
The only problem I have ever had in approx 10,000 rounds of Wolf ammo was a failure to extract--but that was my fault. I hadn't cleaned my extractor in over 2,500 rounds. The one brand I have had problems with was with some S&B. I had a couple of split cases and one primer pocket blow out on me.
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 2:28:30 PM EST
Stryker- If you find it, thanks, otherwise I'd chalk it up to a momentary inconvience at the range. ARMatt- I've shot "Bottom of the barrel" 5.56MM munitions. Wolf is far from the bottom.. (around the 1/3 up from the bottom range actually.) If you want a finicky firearm, buy an Owen SMG, or one of the once frequent STEN MkII rewelds that were floating about at one time. The AR's, even the worst "Shake&Bake" homebrew is a far cry from some of the junk I've seen.If you want some "Bottom of the barrel" 5.56MM munitions, I'll send it out. Just don't shoot it. Meplat-
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 2:44:56 PM EST
Meplat, I agree. If your ever in GA look me up and lets go "do some shootin" Matt
Link Posted: 5/9/2003 6:10:35 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/9/2003 6:12:41 PM EST by ZRH]
Meplat: I was making humour. You know a joke, levity, etc. I was trying to point out you get what you pay for. UMC ammo cost the same as Wolf where I live, so why take a chance.
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 10:53:57 AM EST
I have yet to see any ammo as inexpensive as Wolf. I bought a case at the last gunshow two months ago for just under $100. I shot the last boxes from that case last weekend. I did mix some XM193, SA, and PMP through rifle during this time. This was in an M&A upper and wasn't chromed lined. I am not known for cleaning my rifles on a regular basis. Even still I experienced no troubles. It is up to each individual on what they are willing to pay to shoot and some like to save money. Just a side note, I normally shoot steel cased ammo through all my guns. I just recently experienced my first malfunction shooting my G22. I had a failure to extract, it was Winchester USA brand ammmo. I guess I should say that all Winchester ammo sucks now.[;)]
Link Posted: 5/10/2003 9:19:48 PM EST
ZRH- Wolf for the same price as UMC? There's humor involved, but you're not doing the laughing.Egads.. Meplat-
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 6:52:19 AM EST
Yes, the Wolf WILL get you as it did me. I never had that problem with Q3131A.
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 4:04:20 PM EST
Well at the gun show today i picked up some boxes of RAM .233 ammo that is laqueer coated steel case and also 200 rounds of the new silver bear 55 grn HP .223. my current AR-15 has a 1-12 twist barrel so 55 grns is all it handles. if this silver bear shoots ok i plan to buy it buy it by the case. the casing is steel (so what i've shot steel cases in ever single gun i own except my .22s and .357s) but the case is plated with zinc instead of laqueered.
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 4:29:46 PM EST
This whole "you aren't cleaning the rifle" stuff is bullshit. I have 5 ARs and 3 of them shoot wolf fine. The other 2 have the exact same FTE as described at around 250 rnds EVERY time I shoot wolf in them. Some guns just won't shoot it. Face it!
Link Posted: 5/11/2003 7:01:17 PM EST
The accuracy, and muzzle flash of Wolf ammo is so unlike my Duty, Competition, or Hunting ammo, that I would rather throw rocks down range.
Link Posted: 5/12/2003 2:13:42 PM EST
There will be always someone who will say wolf sucks!! And the dude probably never shot the stuff before? I have 2 bushy and the eat wolf like a champ!
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