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Posted: 1/21/2021 6:58:13 PM EDT

I bought a Witt Machine SME 5.56 1/2-28 muzzle device.  After shipping delays and US Mail issues, I finally received it and installed it.


It installs like any other muzzle device. The part that attaches to the barrel looks like a big brake.  The kit comes with a crush washer.  The package did not include any instructions for torque or a wrench specifications.  I did find that a 15/16" open ended wrench will work or use an adjustable wrench. Since the device doesn't have to be timed I tightened it down by hand and then added between 1/4 and 1/2 turn with the wrench.  A 15/16" wrench is a tad loose. Not much, but a metric wrench might be tighter. Once install put the shroud on it and you are ready to shoot!

First thing, this is not a suppressor.  It takes the noise and sends it forward and works really well.  My weapon is a AR Pistol in 5.56 with a 10.3" barrel.  When I shot my weapon before it was LOUD even with a flash can or A2 birdcage attached.  With the device installed, the gun is fun to shoot again.  It is still loud to the shooter.  The sound heard by the shooter is reduced by 30 percent (my guess) or so.  The concussion that I always felt before when I shot it was gone.  The shot now makes a cool echos if shooting around hills.  Shooting without hearing protection is not recommended.  Now I don't have the fear of causing permanent hearing damage with one shot.  My pistol is fast becoming my favorite AR to shoot.

To summarize the product works really well.  Better then anything else I have ever used. Still need earpro but is very fun and comfortable to shoot.

If you do shoot without the shroud be prepared. It is LOUD.  Ask me how I know
Link Posted: 1/21/2021 8:33:04 PM EDT
I just don't understand how this is any different from any other linear comp or shroud.
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