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Posted: 8/17/2004 8:47:22 PM EDT
Oehler 35P Screens on a six foot rail, 10 feet from muzzle.

Bushmaster 16 inch Patrol Carbine, Chrome lined barrel, allowed to cool between strings

Temps in the mid 70s, humidity about 25%, light wind. Altitude 1340ft.

Ten shot strings

Winchester Value Pack from WaldoWorld Lot UK-22

High=3024fps ES=115fps
Low=2912fps Ave=2966fps

Winchester Q3131A Lot VB-20

High=3134fps ES=30fps
Low=3104fps Ave=3117fps

So what does all that mean?

I don't really trust the 115 spread on the VP string, but was running out of time to re-shoot. Even so, the 150+fps difference is most interesting.

For me, I'll stick with Q3131A for "Serious" shooting, and keep a mag (or three) loaded with it for emergency use.

The Value Pack stuff is good enough for plinking/practice and the convenience of being able to pick it up at WallyWorld makes it useful.

Hopefully someone will find this info helpful.


Link Posted: 8/17/2004 9:13:23 PM EDT
I did, thanks for taking the time to post your results
Link Posted: 8/18/2004 11:18:28 AM EDT
Link Posted: 8/18/2004 3:31:36 PM EDT
Thanks for taking the time to post this. I shoot both winchester white box and Q3131A out of a 16" barrel. I wonder what the fragmentation range of the white box is out of a 16" barrel.
Link Posted: 8/20/2004 2:10:42 PM EDT
Assuming the bullets in the R223R1VP is the same bullet used in the Q3131A (a reasonable assumption, but not proven) and using his 2966 fps, .267 for the BC and 2700fps for the frag velocity then I get
75 2709.0 fps
80 2691.6 fps

Using 3117 fps I get:
115 2709.7 fps
120 2692.3 fps

Which puts the Q3131A range quite a bit farther than the 100yds given for a 16" barrel from the tacked frag range thread.

FWIW, I got 2940 fps one one string of 10 and 2980 fps on a different string of 5 for the USA223R1VP from my 16" RRA and 3168 fps for Q3131A the last time I was at the range.
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