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Posted: 5/31/2003 11:56:18 AM EST
I am a lefty and need to use a DPMS lo pro upper for a project I'm doing. I need a brss deflector for a flat top though. I know BM makes one(anyone ever use it?) but I din't know if anyone else did. Thanks for any input.
Link Posted: 5/31/2003 5:38:04 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/31/2003 5:43:03 PM EST by DevL]
Why are you not using a built in brass deflector? The forward assist is not THAT heavy. Is this some kind of ultra light project?
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 1:33:39 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 4:48:31 PM EST
I am not looking for a light weight type upper. I have an ar47 lower and these require machining of the upper in order to get the ak mag to fit as it is wider than the ar mag. After you machine a reg type lower there is not much meat left, The lo pro would be perfect for this use but as I am blessed by being a lefty a brass deflector of some type is mandatory. If you know of any upper that are as thick as the lo pro with a brass deflector please let me know. Do you know who machines them as maybe I could get them to leave enough for a braa deflector.
Link Posted: 6/1/2003 10:00:41 PM EST
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 2:49:47 AM EST
Thanks for the explanation...love those graphics!
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 12:25:06 PM EST
The latest DPMS catalog shows that they now manufacture a left handed low-pro upper...a mirror image of the right handed one (not the bastardized "lefty" A2 version they sell that looks like a half completed abortion). Of course you would also need to purchase their left handed bolt assembly. If that's not your cup of tea, the latest Sinclair catalog has some pretty neat snap-on deflectors for both flattops and A2 versions.
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 2:04:02 PM EST
Thanks for the reply but I talked to them today on the phone(very helpful by the way) and no lefty 762x39 bolt only 223. Where is Sinclair on line?
Link Posted: 6/2/2003 2:08:08 PM EST
Originally Posted By Troy: They aren't machined, at least not in the area where a BD would be. An extrusion is something that is "squirted out" through a die that makes the material into a specific shape. You know, like you used to do with the Play Dough factory, [url]images.amazon.com/images/P/B00000IW1X.01.LZZZZZZZ.gif[/url] or like a pasta machine, where you can change the nozzles to make different shapes of pasta. A chunk of metal is "squirted out" in the basic shape, then the flattop rail is machined, it's machined inside, and the barrel nut interface is machined. -Troy
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