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1/22/2020 12:12:56 PM
Posted: 9/16/2009 4:53:31 PM EST
This looks intriguing, so I tried to learn a bit about it. [WOA here - look under AR15 barrels, third down.] The wikipedia article here helped. It says "The front sight block is installed with 4 set screws instead of two taper pins." Why? Is this more secure? Has anyone built a copy of this using the WOA barrel? I'm very interested. I've been wanting an A4 variant and this has really caught my eye.

Link Posted: 9/16/2009 5:00:23 PM EST
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Link Posted: 9/18/2009 2:59:32 PM EST
I have one, it is well made and very accurate. I had Springer Precision IonBond it and I used the barrel as the foundation of my DMR build.

Link Posted: 9/18/2009 4:01:14 PM EST
Thanks for the replies, so far. I'm attracted to the idea of having a DMR clone. It'd be more costly than a plain 20" A4, which is my other choice. But I may go at it piece by piece and that way get what I want, rather than what I'd think of as a second choice.

I take it this rifle is heavier than a standard A4. Is it comparable to an HBAR?

Link Posted: 9/18/2009 4:06:41 PM EST
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You might also consider a Douglas barrel, that's the brand the Army uses on its SDM-Rs. I used one supplied and fluted by Compass Lake Engineering on mine. About the same price. Definitely heavier than an A4. It's a full 1" diameter behind the FSB, though the fluting reduces weight by about a pound. The unfluted Krieger match barrel on my SAM-R makes it feel like it weighs a ton.

Link Posted: 9/18/2009 5:11:06 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/18/2009 5:12:20 PM EST by PR361]
That would be pretty much the same barrel, since WOA barrels are Wilson barrels, machined by Compass Lake.
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