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1/16/2020 9:48:49 PM
Posted: 10/2/2007 3:32:56 PM EST
I'm on an ERT squad. I've got an SBR and am currently using a single point sling. I just can't seem to get used to it. While acting as rear guard we have to sling our rifles and use hand guns. That damn rifle bouncing around beats me to death. I know it's easier to transition from strong to weak side and hand gun.
Do any of you guys doing entry work use a different slig or have any suggestions? I thought of going to a side mount and 2 point but the other guys act like I'm nuts.
Link Posted: 10/2/2007 3:56:46 PM EST
Uncle Mike's 3-Point Tactical Sling

I've used a few different ones, mostly sticking to the old ZM Weapons single point bungee sling. I got tired of the bouncing, too, but I still keep it in my duty rifle case in the event I feel like using it.

But, I bought the Uncle Mike's last year and gradually built up a liking to it. Now it is primary sling for duty use. At around $25, not a bad deal.
Link Posted: 10/2/2007 4:46:51 PM EST
Link Posted: 10/2/2007 4:52:31 PM EST
I felt the same way, I took a 3 point Mamba sling and alterred it into a 2 point. It works great. I havn't done entry in a while but on our CQM range we have a Ban on single point sling right now, just for safety issues.

Kinda felt silly afterwards, I believe they make a Shotgun Mamba sling now which is essentially the same thing. I did move the disconnect buckle up by my left (support) hand and kept the stretchy part around my back up on the shoulder. Works nicely.
Link Posted: 10/2/2007 4:56:52 PM EST

Link Posted: 10/2/2007 7:27:05 PM EST
Homemade adjustable.
Link Posted: 10/3/2007 3:22:06 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/3/2007 5:54:04 AM EST
Vicker's 2 point.

Had a 3 point; was a nightmare. Hated it.
Link Posted: 10/3/2007 1:00:57 PM EST
I've tried several 1,2 & 3 point slings and I like the LaRue / Vtac sling. Its on the pricey side but worth it IMHO.
Link Posted: 10/3/2007 1:41:02 PM EST

Vickers BFG 2 point w/ QD swivels. This is the first sling that I only pop off for cleaning and then it goes right back on.

I just sold old single point sling w/ mount in the EE since I've not even considered using it since I got the Vickers.
Link Posted: 10/5/2007 10:02:28 AM EST
Well I agree on the single point and the flopping. With my entry vest on and the knee gaurd pad It isn't an issue because it doesn't hurt. But with out the vest I like the feel of my 3 point sling. It offers more carry options but it is too crowded (on the side of the firearm) to use effectively in a high stress. What I'm saying is the side strap is all in the way of the bolt catch causeing issues. It has issues in crowded areas because of the limited motion it offers. The best way to go is buy a 3 point and try it. What works for me may not work for you. Also PM is inbound on the subject.
Link Posted: 10/5/2007 10:22:12 AM EST
Blue Force Gear Simple Sling.

Link Posted: 10/5/2007 10:51:55 AM EST
tag for more ideas and pics........

I need a sling...........
Link Posted: 10/6/2007 4:36:35 AM EST
BFG Vickers and IDF
Link Posted: 10/6/2007 5:12:05 AM EST

Originally Posted By shadowcop:
Anybody seen the new slings from 5.11. I got to handle a single point and 2 point padded. They seem real nice and the price isn't bad.

padded sling for a carbine?
Link Posted: 10/6/2007 6:00:19 AM EST
My own personal homemade jobber. Seems to work fine have used it in training a few times so far and works the way it is supposed to.

Link Posted: 10/6/2007 10:59:45 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/6/2007 1:49:01 PM EST

Originally Posted By Currahee:

Originally Posted By shadowcop:
Anybody seen the new slings from 5.11. I got to handle a single point and 2 point padded. They seem real nice and the price isn't bad.

padded sling for a carbine?

It just happened to be the one I saw. They make the same one without padding.
Link Posted: 10/6/2007 2:24:57 PM EST
V-Tac sling from Viking Tactics. Blackhawk's V-Tac sling or now even 5.11 V-Tac sling. Tighten it up when it's not in use, or release it when you need it.
Link Posted: 10/6/2007 3:46:40 PM EST
I have three buckles on the front. One for extending for transition to left side, one for complete release of the weapon from my body, and the third for removing the sling from the rifle as to seperate the upper from lower reciever for cleaning.
Link Posted: 10/6/2007 8:33:43 PM EST
I use a sling that I just made recently. I converted a Specter Gear three point into a modified two-point, on that has a fastex buckle that, when released, extends te length of the sling.

its along the same lines as the IDF sling.
Link Posted: 10/7/2007 3:37:35 AM EST
I got to handle the V-Tac and i really like it. Now I have to figure out how I want to mount it. I have a single point mount already and a side swivel QD mount on the side of the hand guard. I'm just not sure if I should mount it on the single point mount or on the stock. I have a CAA saddle on the stock so I can't use a QD mount on it.
Link Posted: 10/7/2007 6:59:29 AM EST
Link Posted: 10/7/2007 6:06:23 PM EST
1+ for the Viking Tactics/LaRue 2 point padded sling. Hangs weapon diagonally across chest & keeps the barrel from banging into your knees.Adjustments for length are quickly done with the non shooting hand allowing a full fireing grip with your strong hand. The padded sling keeps the weight of your weapon from digging into your shoulder.
Link Posted: 10/9/2007 3:09:33 AM EST
Well I tried the VTac but didn't like the excess hanging. I ordered the Vickers 2 point. Looks like it's made from heavier materisl and the adjustment looks like I would not have the excess.
Link Posted: 10/10/2007 12:20:08 PM EST
Vickers 2 point with Push Button QD swivels mounted at the front (on the rail at 9:00)very close to the receiver, and the rear on the receiver plate. You need to get an adaptor for the front and rear, but it offers the best combibation for all carries and allows easy transitioning to the weak shoulder.

Link Posted: 10/10/2007 12:21:20 PM EST

Originally Posted By ElrodCod:

Best one Ive tried
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