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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/8/2006 5:21:43 PM EST
I have a 226 dollar credit at Bass Pro shops that must be used for merchandise. I need a good scope for my AR and may use it on a Rem 700 also.

I will be using their online sight as I am not near a store. They have leupold, bushnell, nikon and other name brands, but not the higher end stuff. For example they show the leupold vxI II and III series but not some of the leupold M series I have seen reccomended on this forum. My questionis which scope should I get. I am willing to spend another 250.00 bringing me up to about 500.00 for a scope.

I would appreciate any opinions offered.
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 4:11:23 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/9/2006 4:11:47 PM EST by Goat007]
OK. Maybe I was too general. What size scope will work best for the AR flatop. I have never scoped this weapon and would like to get one that works well. I shoot 200 yrds or less. 40mm, 36mm? Help me out Please!
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 6:26:52 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/9/2006 6:39:10 PM EST by Onslaught]

You said you shoot 200 yards or less, but still more info would help.

What distance do you shoot most often? How do you shoot? What do you shoot at? What roles will this scope have to fill? How long is your barrel?

Choosing a scope has nothing to do with "what size works best on an AR flat-top"... It's "which scope works best for the way I will use it?

A 1-4x or 1.5 - 5x scope might work for you if you shoot mostly 50 - 100 yards, or you may do better with something more average... I don't like scopes more than 4x or 6x on an AR, or an objective larger than 40mm, but if you're shooting chipmunks at 200 yards, you'll probably need a bit more than that.
Link Posted: 3/9/2006 6:38:43 PM EST
[Last Edit: 3/9/2006 6:43:38 PM EST by Onslaught]
So I had nothing better to do and checked out the scopes they had.

For an AR (depending on what use you come back with), choosing only from the Bass Pro Shops website, this one is my personal choice...

Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40 with Ballistic Plex reticle (38-802-678-00)
This is one that I have used even though I wasn't stuck with choosing from one place. The glass is very clear and bright, and the ballistic plex reticle works well on an AR. I will be putting one on my AR10 soon.

Besides that one, I also would trust these:

Leupold Rifleman 2-7x33
Bushnell Elite 1.5-4.5x32
Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x40

I know I said I like lower powered optics, but there wasn't much of that to choose from. Now I know this is breaking the rules on ARFCOM, but if your rifle is JUST FOR PLINKING and shooting for fun at the range, you might be interested in one of the Bushnell red dot sights. I've done a lot of research on the Bushnell with the 4 interchangeable reticles (red only, NOT red and green) for a Beretta Storm I had, and the reviews I read were positive. Again, depends on your use.

I have never seen anyone have much luck using a scope on a bolt-gun and an AR because the rings are SO different. I'd suggest purchasing a separate scope with that extra $250 you mentioned.
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 4:20:57 PM EST

Thanks so much for your input. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond but I've been to the SEC tourney (woot) I have heard good things about the BURRIS model too. I am leaning in that direction. Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience. BTW I have an Aimpoint so am looking for doing a little more precision shooting.
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 4:31:45 PM EST
Link Posted: 3/13/2006 6:40:41 PM EST
See if they can get you a Bushnell Elite 3200 10X Mildot. If you go playing with mildot ranging in the future (you probably will if you have a 700 and want to play the long range game), its the best scope IMHO under $500 for repeatability, durability etc with a mildot reticle. I still can't figure out how they get 75+ moa elevation adjustment outta that little 1" tube, but they do.

(I say best for under $500, as Bass Pro Shops can't get you an SWFA Super Sniper).

Or I'd go a little more money and a VXIII or better Leupy.

I went with the Bushnell above for my first tactical/long range scope and used the other money for reloading and rounds downrange............
Link Posted: 3/14/2006 1:48:46 PM EST
Thanks to all who have relpied. I got lucky today and found a NIB Burris 4.5X14 42 mm with ballistiplex reticle for 250.00. I will use this on the Rem 700. Now I just have to decide which bass pro scope will work best on my AR. I am leaning toward the Bushnell 1.5X4 but wonder about the eye relief of 3.6 inches. Will this work out ok for an AR? BTW I have the armalight one piece mount.
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