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Posted: 12/20/2003 1:11:55 PM EDT
I could use some help choosing a reticle a USO SN-4 1-4x.  I want illuminated.  I chose a circle dot but am thinking of changing to a circle chevron.  Any opinions?  Or other reticle suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Link Posted: 12/20/2003 4:24:12 PM EDT
I always liked the Circle Dot...

Link Posted: 12/20/2003 4:36:51 PM EDT
have one monuted on my spr upper its the doe mk1 . has ranging brackets. love this scope traded a ta01nsn for it. i just got a ta31f with the chevron retcile. to me using the tip is not as accurate as the crosshairs but thats just my feelings.consider what you are going to use it for and go from there .
Link Posted: 12/20/2003 6:24:23 PM EDT
I went with the dot also.The dot, Mr williams said is aprox 2.65 MOA at a 100yds.
Link Posted: 12/22/2003 10:50:49 AM EDT
Is a mil dot wasted on this low of power?  I guess what I'm looking for is a CQB sight at 1x which doesn't blow the accuracy at 4x.
Link Posted: 12/23/2003 6:54:17 AM EDT
Link Posted: 12/28/2003 10:42:16 AM EDT
Lately, the factory has been recommending a new reticle for the SN-4. This is the circle chevron reticle as developed for the SN-12 3.5 fixed scope. This reticle can now be applied to the SN-4.

See the new catalog for details.

D. :)
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