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Posted: 7/18/2013 2:54:49 PM EST
Ok I live about five minutes from Anderson manufacturing so I was thinking of buying one of there lowers. This is my first build and I want a good rifle without breaking the bank. I also found a mag tactical lower at another shop for a good price as well. The mag is fde and I can get it for 139 plus tax or the Anderson for 105 + tax. I know the mag is lighter but not sure that will make that big of a difference really.  I also thought of just going with the spikes spider I can get for 95 but after shipping and 20 dollar ffl I think I would be just as good with the Anderson for less.  I need help what are your thoughts?!?
Link Posted: 7/18/2013 3:13:13 PM EST
You can get the Anderson lowers all the time online now for $75-85. I bought one and they are nice lowers for the money. No different than any other in spec lower. Cerro forging, good finish. Only their full guns come with their RF85 coating so dont expect that.
Link Posted: 7/18/2013 3:35:51 PM EST
Yea I saw where I could get them for 85 with free shipping or 75 plus shipping but after I pay a ffl 20 dollars it's just as easy to buy it at 105 and not have to deal with it. But thanks for the info on the Anderson I have heard some mixed reviews on the mag tactical but most like them just not sure if it's worth the extra money and I'm also on the fence about the fde color.  I have also heard the paint on the mag fde chips pretty easy.
Link Posted: 7/19/2013 7:46:29 PM EST
Went with the Anderson.  Picked it up for 90 otd. Now to find and purchase the rest of the lower parts!
Link Posted: 7/20/2013 5:43:28 AM EST
I just put a DPMS LPK in a Anderson receiver.  It went together fine.  I'm local to them and have bought a lot of small parts, two stripped uppers and two 14.5" barrels from them all without any issues.  I forgot to add a buffer tube to my cart before I checked out one time, so I emailed them immediately and asked them to add it.  Didn't hear back from them at all, but when my ordered showed up it was with everything else and they never charged me.
Link Posted: 7/20/2013 5:48:36 AM EST
I picked up an Anderson lower for my build.  I built it with a PSA LPK and a Del-Ton upper.  No issues putting it together.  I would definitely get another.

I do have a Spikes on backorder as well, I may get it before 2014.
Link Posted: 7/20/2013 5:54:28 AM EST
I used an Anderson lower, PSA lpk and BCM upper for my latest build.  No problems at all.
Link Posted: 7/20/2013 6:11:34 AM EST
where do you get these:    "Yea I saw where I could get them for 85 with free shipping or 75 plus shipping"?...Thanks....<><....:)
Link Posted: 7/20/2013 6:36:18 AM EST
Classic City

Not sure about shipping.
Link Posted: 7/20/2013 4:01:26 PM EST
Got an Anderson upper/lower set off gunbroker for $155.  
Stuffed in a J&T LPK, a PSA BCG and CH, added a gun show barrel and wood furniture.
Franken-rifle went together perfectly.
Link Posted: 7/20/2013 5:18:41 PM EST
I'm local to them as well I live in burlington about 3 miles away!  Kinda wanted to support a local company!  I got it from ky gun co. They also had stag lowers for 100 not sure about shipping on those though.  Since I'm local to them I can pick them up locally at a few dealers for about 105 before tax.
Link Posted: 7/26/2013 1:01:55 PM EST
Thanks for the info on Classic City, shipping for two lowers was only estimated at $13 to my FFL's zip code....<><....:)
Link Posted: 7/26/2013 6:40:26 PM EST
Mags are cool and all but I was a bit worried when I heard they were magnesium.. pick up the Anderson.
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