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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 11/28/2002 12:40:11 PM EDT
What is the best option using STEN mags?

OLY upper w/Socom mag block or RRA?

Which one requires the least amount of fitting and uses my existing FA lowers with its M16 parts without changing out parts?

I've read a lot of the posts here, if I'm reading it correctly the RRA/Colt w/magwell seems to require a lot more fitting compared to the OLY type uppers.

Thanks for then help!
Link Posted: 11/28/2002 4:56:05 PM EDT
sabres32, I'll reply here to your questions that you IM-ed. Well, let me start off w/ that Galati International block. That block was tested by a member a while back. Unfortunatly, that block does not work. If you look at the Galati site, it says the block is made by Model 1 Sales or M and A Parts. AR-fan, if I recall, contacted them (the actual manufacturer) and he was told that that perticular block is not ment for use in the Colt style but for their own 9mm setup. I have no personal knowlege on the 1 piece blocks that Rock River Arms sells to adapt the 223 mag well to 9mm Colt (and modified mags). If the 223 magwell on any AR is made to mil spec and the 1 piece block is made using mil spec info, it should fit. Before I made that custom "Sten Block" for the Colt style (for an ASA), I used a standard 1 piece block from ASA. The adapter, was tight in two of my aluminum AR's. My 9mm is a Cav Arms (plastic). I suppose it is a risk that one takes w/ the 1 peice blocks. They're nice though...as RRA and ASA (and now Colt and others) have the block drop in from the top, nothing to fall out. Notching UZI mags is simple; but mixed results have been reported. The hammers..... the Colt style (ASA and RRA) need to use a hammer w/ a rounded top edge, not stepped. Now, with a full auto, I don't think this matters.... (don't quote me). But for a semi auto, it does. If you use the wrong hammer, you'll lock up the action (so I have read). Now, to use Stens.... The simplest method for you, would be to get the Oly. You just slap the upper on and use the modified Sten (has a spacer block welded on it, about $65-75 each). Or get a Socom block and use it's paddle release. There are ways to retain the Socom block in the lower, incase you forget to use the paddle and drop the block w/ the 223 mag release. Now, about the custom "Sten block". The block started off as a 2 piece mag block that uses Colt mags (and notched UZI/similar mags). The "depth" of the Sten doesn't allow the blocks to be used as is. What must be done to the 2 piece block is that front block has to be milled thinner/narrower so that the Sten can be inserted. The rear block has "spacer ears"; since Colt mags are narrower then the 223 mag well, helps position the colt mags. The Sten is just wide enough to fill the mag well, if the ears are removed. There is a tacked posting on this block.... The Sten mags are notched like the UZI, so the original 223 mag catch works w/ them. Well, I hope I answered you questions.
Link Posted: 11/28/2002 4:59:24 PM EDT
Link Posted: 11/30/2002 8:57:47 PM EDT
If you want to use Sten mags, the choice is easy. Olympic Arms makes their PCRs based on the Stens. Socom block and you are ready to go. Got mine and Sten mags are quite available and affordable. When was the last time you could buy a 32-round hi cap for less than $5. That was enough for me to buy the OlyArms system.
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