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Posted: 10/14/2003 4:29:09 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/14/2003 5:55:01 PM EDT by FREEFALLE6]
the swivel or non swivel? low or high for my SPR.

Thanks FREE
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 5:02:03 PM EDT
IMHO,[url=http://ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=2&f=134&t=141435] SWIVEL[/url]! Ray
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 5:14:20 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/14/2003 6:02:08 PM EDT by DOA]
My vote is for no bipod, or if you have to have one...make it swivel. (High)
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 5:55:16 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 6:06:06 PM EDT
I don't have an SPR, but I think a lower swivel Harris would be perfect. I'm sure Wes will chime in but from his pictures it appears that's the MSTN choice too. I've seen a couple SEAL ones (with the PRI stuff-Mod0?) but did not get to handle them. Their bipods appeared short and fixed, but I'm not sure. I know 308 sniper rifles are better shot off packs than bipods, but I think one would be perfect for a true SPR. I'm looking forward to your finished project Free, I know you'll do it right.
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 7:08:29 PM EDT
Well this is what I have so far. My Leupold M3 scope will be arriving this week. [img]http://pic3.picturetrail.com/VOL16/709417/1822696/35786316.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 7:58:47 PM EDT
Originally Posted By FREEFALLE6: the swivel or non swivel? low or high for my SPR. Thanks FREE
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Definitely a swivel. And don't forget to add a POD-LOC to it. [img]http://members.cox.net/daphotoguy/DPMS_V.jpg[/img]
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 9:21:39 PM EDT
Definitely the swivel... When I was shopping for a Harris I thought the low bi-pod (6-9") was good for benchrest target shooting, but the Mid-sized (9-13") gave me more options for different scenarios... When shooting from benchrest I just open up the bi-pod to it's 9" length, and it's the perfect height. A 6" one(too short) would make me have to hunch over a little, and it would be a hassle to have to extend it every time I wanted to use it... [sniper2]
Link Posted: 10/14/2003 9:38:16 PM EDT
Link Posted: 10/15/2003 12:07:08 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/15/2003 12:09:09 AM EDT by AK_Mike]
I had the taller one (LRM-S), but my MSTN SPR was mated with exactly what Wes described, and it was long enough for me. Also got the ARMS#32 and podlock as recommended, and I tell you Wes knows what he is talking about. Additional note: The shorter one is less weight. It clears a 30rd mag. If I need to shoot up I extend the legs which is a snap. Get the longer one if you plan to shoot aerial targets I suppose.
Link Posted: 10/15/2003 4:25:35 AM EDT
Get the swivel, and get the low one. I bought the high one at first and it made it nearly impossible to shoot it from the bench. I had to prop the stock up so high it was rediculous and I usually just wound up taking it off and using a bag. I switched to the low one and it is MUCH better. I havent had a problem with the low one in any shooting position I have tried.
Link Posted: 10/15/2003 6:02:49 AM EDT
I agree with the crowd, I've got the S-BRM on my SPR copy and it works well for me shooting prone or from a bench. And as Wes mentioned, take a good look at the ARMS #32. At first I thought it was crazy to spend that much on a bipod mount, but after easily removing/replacing it for cleaning, storage, switching to another rifle, etc... I am convinced that it is worth the extra dough. I didn't get the pod-lock, but it's on my want list...
Link Posted: 10/15/2003 1:44:43 PM EDT
ooh, yeah, get the pod lock. Very cool! I didnt have one at first but bought one soon after. Lovin it!
Link Posted: 10/15/2003 1:59:37 PM EDT
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Neither have I - unless it was a glass of beer ! [beer]
Link Posted: 10/15/2003 2:53:41 PM EDT
A taller blonde doesn't hurt either! Jack
Link Posted: 10/15/2003 5:03:12 PM EDT
Sorry guys...what's the pod lock do? Couldn't find any subjects in the search.
Link Posted: 10/15/2003 5:15:34 PM EDT
Pod lock is a large lever that will loosen the swivel feature of the bi-pod when thrown one way, and lock it in place when thrown the other.
Link Posted: 10/15/2003 11:20:46 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/16/2003 12:44:22 PM EDT by AK_Mike]
And it does it quickly, and easily, in a snap! No little knob to futz with. Essential for swivel models IMO, and swivel model is what you want. BRM-S, ARMS #32, Pod-Lock - the ultimate setup as far as I am concerned. [img]http://photos.ar15.com/ImageGallery/Attachments/DownloadAttach.asp?iImageUnq=13417[/img] [img]http://photos.ar15.com/ImageGallery/Attachments/DownloadAttach.asp?iImageUnq=13415[/img] See how it's enough even when not extended and you got a 30rd mag in? (note the pod lock in unstowed position, stows out of the way either side without having to loosen or tighten) [img]http://photos.ar15.com/ImageGallery/Attachments/DownloadAttach.asp?iImageUnq=14086[/img] Look at the bipods, one is the BRM-S, the other the LM-S. They are facing opposite of each other. The ARMS #32 actually gives you a bit more heighth, but not too much. Cause of the ARMS #32, they can be mounted and removed in a snap like ARMS's other throw lever mounts. I LOVE IT [:D] [img]http://photos.ar15.com/ImageGallery/Attachments/DownloadAttach.asp?iImageUnq=15622[/img] Sorry for the gratuitous display of accessories (and rifles), I am too tired to crop at this point tonight. No, really! Well, if you think it's disgusting, BLAME MSTN CAUSE EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS THEIR FAULT!
Link Posted: 10/16/2003 1:17:33 AM EDT
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I'm with Wes on this one. Good advice which I followed and I am very happy with.
Link Posted: 10/16/2003 11:48:23 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/16/2003 11:51:52 AM EDT by DaPhotoGuy]
Originally Posted By FlyNavy: Sorry guys...what's the pod lock do? Couldn't find any subjects in the search.
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Try this link . . . [url]http://www.snipercountry.com/PodLoc.html[/url]
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