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4/22/2019 5:32:20 PM
Posted: 8/23/2006 8:05:47 PM EDT
I'd post this as a poll, but don't see how. I'm building my first AR, which started out as an XM-177, because I really like them. I have gotten very enamored recently of both the 605 and the A1/M4 hybrids. I bought an A1 upper with 20" HB here on the boards, have a nice early 'style' collapsible, and a complete set of A1 furniture coming. (already have triangular HGs.) The upper came w/A1 FH and good Colt internals.

Should I build an A1/M4 clone? (just got an IDF sling I ordered on spur of the moment)

An XM177 clone, (a little more barrel work)

or a 605 clone? (easiest.)

I'm thinking of sending the upper off to KKF to be chopped to 605 specs, but kind of want to save it for a future 20" build. I will be using the barrel as is for now, until I decide which way to go, then it will find a home on an A3 upper, with eventually a new lower. So, do I cut the barrel I have (which seems too nice to cut) or build one of the other two? I'm leaning towards the A1/M4 build just because the 'rules' are a little less stringent - I mean, if I built an XM first I'd really want to get into maching the lower, yadda yadda yadda. The hybrid isn't purely retro, so I couldn't post here, it'd be more of a 723 w/M4 barrel. I just really like the look of the XM177 -and it's what I set out to build as it's 'my era'. (sort of.)

I hate seeing threads like this, it makes me look like an indecisive nincompoop, but I am really torn. I've even considered a plain ol' HB 16" carbine. I'll build up the rifle for now as a plain ol' A1 so I can shoot it, but what to do? I have trouble cutting a perfectly nice 20" barrel...
Link Posted: 8/24/2006 12:14:24 AM EDT
How 'bout a 653?

Kind of "in the middle"
Link Posted: 8/24/2006 5:15:06 AM EDT
Build a straight A1, then buy a 16" superlite barrel for a 653 or 723, then do your M-forgery later.

I just finished a 723 type with;
Bushy 16" superlite barrel
Essential Arms aluminum CAR stock
C7 upper
PWA A1 lower

Its already my favorite AR. The weight and handling qualities are great.
Retros are sooooo much cooler. And lighter.
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