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Posted: 9/27/2011 9:00:52 AM EDT
While I understand the debate over the personal selection of lubricants for the ARs, M1s, and M14s, I prefer the original Plastilube grease for application to my AR bolt carriers, inner surfaces of my upper receivers, and buffers with associated springs. The weapons cycle smoother without that annoying "Mattel sproing".

I'm down to an extremely small volume of USGI surplus Plastilube grease, and a Web-search yielded a vast selection of Plastilube-labelled products for various non-firearm purposes. With the expiration of the Plastilube trademark registration, I don't have a readily-available source to recommend a product comparable to the original Plastilube grease issued to US military troops for lubrication of the M1 and M14 rifles.

The only descriptor I have is from a 2007 article by Lee Emerson, "M14 Rifle Preservation and Soft Lubrication" found on a Google search describing Plastilube grease as being "reddish-brown in color" and "is thicker in consistency than Lubriplate."

The original MILSPEC L-46003 compliant rifle grease WAS the specified military lubricant for the M14 but this MILSPEC has been changed to L-46000 for the AR family of rifles (LSA lubricant). LSA is a great product and I've used it frequently, but I prefer grease for this specific purpose.

Other than Quaker State wheel bearing grease, can anyone recommend a specific Plastilube product for my purpose?

"There's no substitute for a genuine lack of preparation."
Link Posted: 9/27/2011 11:51:07 AM EDT
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The official Grease, Rifle NSN 9150-00-754-0063 right now is Lubriplate RG-62-A (aka Lubriplate 130-A) made by Fiske Brothers Refining Co. That is the only product listed on the Military Qualified Products List. Reference: QPL-46003-10.

Personally, MD Labs XF7 works for me. I'm working on a FAQ, The M14 and Soft Lubrication. When done, I'll have it posted at www.imageseek.com/m1a

FYI, here's a list of USGI Contractors of Rifle Grease (9150-754-0063 or 9150-00-754-0063) I have found so far:

BG & O Co. (Kansas City, MO) Plastilube - mineral oil with bentonite clay and additives 1963
Fiske Brothers Refining Co. (Newark, NJ and Toledo, OH) CAGE Code = 73219 for NJ and 9N579 for OH Lubriplate 130-A or RG-62-A - mineral oil with calcium soap and additives 1969, 1985, 1999
International Lubricant Corp. (New Orleans, LA) CAGE Code = 74898 DGSC-SSH (1992) - mineral oil with thickening agent and additives 1963, 1992
International Supply Corp. (Richmond, VA) CAGE Code = 6A908 Lubriplate RG-62-A - mineral oil with calcium soap and additives 1996
Parr, Inc. Warren Refining Division (Cleveland, OH) CAGE Code = 02307 Plastilube - mineral oil with bentonite clay and additives 1971
Witco Chemical Corp. Southwest Petro-Chem Division (Olathe, KS) CAGE Code = 3V856 SA 824 1027 - mineral oil with barium soap and additives 1990
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