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Posted: 8/9/2005 12:48:16 AM EDT
Most of us, if not all of us, have a sling or have had a sling at some time. There are numerous slings out there which mount at one, two, or three points. I have gone through the forums and noticed that for certain individuals, a certain type of sling is prefered. Whether it is for a member of the armed forces, a patrol officer, or just a regular joe schmoe, one type of sling is prefered for one reason or another.

My question is: which sling do you use and why? Where do you like to have your sling mounted? Pros? Cons? Preferred brands?

Link Posted: 8/9/2005 9:25:04 PM EDT

This is one of those area where you will get a million answer.

I use 2 point, 3 and single point when I feel like it. I've used 3 point slings but I personall don't like them as much anymore since they hinder equipment more than I like versus a 2 or 1 point sling.

Of the single point slights I prefer Profile Tactical (good luck getting one though as he is on WAY backorder) since it hes the best desing for a single point of all the slings out there. I have a gripe that it does not come with an HK hook, but I have improvised and added an HK hook to the end. I've used the full loop and QD hook but when it comes down to it I prefer the HK hooks to anything else when it comes to single point slings.

As for two points sling, I've also had experience with a few different type and has now settled on the IDF sling. You can find similar execution with the Specter sling. my choice of mounting varies to the gear I am wearing. I will sometime latch it onto the front end and rear buttstock when I am just using the rifle by itself. I move the rear sling point onto the single point HK loop when I am wearing LBV. When I am wearing full gear and have a ruck on my back I will move the sling to the front of the reciever (I have an MRP with the new QD point) and to the HK simgle point at the rear of the reciever.

So yeah you can say I don't have one particular setup I always use.

Of course the only sling type I would ever suggest is a two point slight that attatch to the front and to the rear of the rifle. That is the position I used the most (train, practiced, fielded and lived with) and will always trust. It simply allow for the most comfortable carry position for the longest duration, all other sling design are only for specific situation IMO.

So in the end, a simple 2 point sling like the IDF is perfect, great for carry and quick to deploy and use.
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