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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/28/2005 10:52:50 AM EST
Newbie question...did a search with no usable results. Just aquired an Armalite carbine with the telescoping stock and plan on putting some optics on the carry handle. (Okay, I can hear the groans and feel the flames already, but I made the purchase and am going to live with it for a while.) Anyway, I want to use the iron sights as well as the scope/dot/what ever I land on and would like to get a decent sight picture. I guess the term is co-witness? So, any suggestions for a decent cheek piece?
Link Posted: 12/28/2005 11:25:15 AM EST
if you want to co-witness a red dot you will need a gooseneck mount which puts the optic above the handguards.

with this setup you shouldnt need a cheek riser.


all offer the gooseneck mount
Link Posted: 12/28/2005 6:13:57 PM EST
Thanks for the info, I'll check it out. Just in case I might like a cheek rest. Does any one have a suggestion? I can't really get comfortable with the iron sights and the telescopic stock. Maybe I just I just need time to get used to them, but I think a better fit is out there some where.

Thanks for helping a newbie guys!
Link Posted: 12/29/2005 7:04:25 AM EST
Try Cherokee Cheekpieces.
Link Posted: 12/29/2005 9:31:21 PM EST
By the way, what is a goose neck mount? (Soon I hope not to be a newbie).

Thanks in advance.
Link Posted: 12/30/2005 2:28:02 AM EST
google a.r.m.s. and look through their mounts
Link Posted: 12/31/2005 2:49:31 AM EST
[Last Edit: 1/1/2006 5:04:36 AM EST by redfisher]
Not sure if your issue will be resolved with:

Improved cheek-piece
Different method of aim
Rail mount
or other

I have seen devices that fit over your stock to 'raise' your cheek weld, but IIRC, those were for fixed stocks (the Colt Delta rifles come to mind) Not real practical

Changing how you hold your gun may be the answer, and I recommend seeking experienced help (do not know your familiarity with the ar15, so don't take it as a disrespectful comment)

Rail mounts abound for A2 set ups.

ARMS is one of the most popular but not the only choice

Here is one example

Perhaps flipping through the 40 or so pages of photos in the AR15 Photo thread will hold ideas for you



found this photo......... maybe what you refer to? (the stack accessory, not the mount on CH)

Link Posted: 1/1/2006 7:45:39 AM EST
Thanks to one and all. No, none of the comments are taken as disrespectful. I am newly returning to the shooting hobby after 25 years of working at my career too hard and am enjoying learning new things.

Thanks again.
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