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Posted: 1/10/2005 1:59:12 PM EDT
Can somebody reccomend a good place to buy an a-2 front post sight tool?

I checked Bushmaster and the like, but shipping makes it not worth the part.

Preferably they would also sell standard front posts.

Link Posted: 1/10/2005 2:36:59 PM EDT
A local gun show perhaps. I would just order some more stuff from bushmaster or Brownells like a spare parts kit from Yellow Tavern to make the shipping worth it.
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 3:35:54 PM EDT
Spare parts sounds like a good idea. Would you reccomend one of their pre-packaged spare parts kits like a field repair kit? Or would it be better to choose my own parts?

Link Posted: 1/10/2005 4:58:02 PM EDT
adco makes a front sight tool along with a lot of other nice tools and while your at it there are a bunch of cool stuff.

shipping isnt bad either
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 5:02:42 PM EDT
I bought mine from here:


Then I modified it by drilling a 1/4" hole and machining a little pointed piece out of delrin to use as a take down tool.
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 5:06:19 PM EDT
I bought a 4 and a 5 slot tool from Steve at the Oly booth (next to MEGA) at the Puyallup show on Saturday. IM me and I will give you his fon#
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 5:52:23 PM EDT
I use the "intended" tool for the FS: a 5.56 round. $6.95 for a better application won't break the bank or anything, but I can think of a better way to spend it myself. To each his own though.
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 8:35:14 PM EDT
Brownells carries one too. It's listed under AR-15 Sight Wrench.
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 9:30:09 PM EDT
You probably already have one:
Link Posted: 1/10/2005 10:38:06 PM EDT
I've used bullets, and I think they are a pain. I managed to scratch up the post and it was tricky to do on brand new guns with super stiff springs.

Thanks for the info on Steve from Oly, I will have relatives pick up a sight tool at the next gun show hopefully.

thanks for the feedback
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