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Posted: 9/27/2005 6:49:08 PM EDT

I never wante an AR... Not for a long time.. I always thought that it was some kind of "Rambo" gun... AND I was not aware that so many people enjoyed them so much as well.
I was offered a FN by a friend who was looking to unload a rifle. I was thinking of moving on it , because I had always wanted an FN of some sort... (keepin mind that I was always a handgun guy, so this was my first venture into a long gun) ((read, naieve))he He had pointed at a Colt AR-15 match. Something clicked..... "Can I look at it?" He pulled it down and handed it over the counter. It just plain old FELT RIGHT in my paws. It was (is) a beautifull firearm like I had never owned or even held before. Right then I knew I need to get this home. A week later I came back to the store to finish paying it off ( grabbed Defender as well, a GREAT carry). When I brought it home, my GF at the time was stunned...But not in the good way ( big surprise) "What in the hell do you need that for?" ( It was at that exact moment that I knew this one was NOT a keeper!he
What was it that motivated you to buy your FIRST AR?...Do you still have it? Does it sit on your "I will never sell this" list, like mine does? My AR will be my sons someday, and he will give it to his son someday too. Then just like that frikin horrible shampoo commercial...So on and so on and so on Damn there were some hot chicks on that commercial!
Link Posted: 9/27/2005 6:58:12 PM EDT
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Originally Posted By _Notch_:

(dont forget ladies. ya may squirt out a pup every once in a while, but we built this frikin world) !

What a charmer!

Link Posted: 9/27/2005 7:05:39 PM EDT

I know it "just" tosses a .223. I "know" that an AK gives ya a better chance at a one shot kill...


My AR with stay with me for a looooong time!
Link Posted: 9/27/2005 10:54:29 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/27/2005 11:54:13 PM EDT by topgunpilot20]
My story of how I became an AR owner:

As a teenager, my friends and I were all gun/military freaks. We researched them and discussed them in detail. A man in town we came to know was an ex-ranger and enjoyed our enthusiasm about the military. Well one day he bought the Colt AR15 we all drooled over at the local gun shop (drooling on guns at the two local shops was a pasttime for us) and let us shoot it. Obviously, we had a blast. Anyway, I always saw the AR15 as an awesome gun, but never thought I would be able to own one--they were expensive and it just seemed like too much of a fantasy to be real.

On my eighteenth birthday, I bought a Mini 14 from the local shop. Sure I would have rather had an AR, but I couldn't afford one, and the mini seemed like the next best thing. I had a blast with my mini 14 and researched ways to make it more accurate and enjoyable (I could never leave a gun that I owned in stock condition).

I came to arfcom to browse the General Firearms section of the armory in search of mini 14 info. I also spent a lot of time in the handgun section trying to decide what pistol to start saving for. I steered clear of the AR15 section for the first year and half I was active here--owning an AR still seemed to surreal to even hope for.

A little over a year ago, around the demise of the AWB, curiousity got the better of me, and I clicked on the AR15 tab. After browsing the wealth of info, I learned that it was possible to build an AR15. I decided that I would slowly buy parts to spread out the cost. I spent hours every night learning everything I could from this site and ordered a lower from a board dealer.

Less than a month later I put together my first AR--an M4gery. Yeah, I really took my time aquiring parts By Christmas it was topped with an Aimpoint.

Here she is:

Long story short: ARFCOM is what motivated me to buy my first AR.

And you want to know the really discusting part? I'm just as poor, but now have a RRA NM build and have parts for a midlength A2 in the mail.

ETA: No way in hell is this AR going anywhere. Almost any other gun in my collection is fair game, but this one stays.
Link Posted: 9/27/2005 11:39:52 PM EDT
arfcom and it being limited on config(clinton bad) drove me to my first ar.
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 3:09:43 AM EDT
Bought my first AR in 2000 from a guy at Dillon Precision when I lived in Pheonix. Bushy 16" barreled flat top with fixed stock. I ended up selling it to buy a preban bushmaster 16" with collapsable stock that I tricked out pretty good. Ended up selling that one this year to buy my current AR-15 variant - my Bushmaster converted Sendra RR M-16. So even though i've sold AR's that i've loved, i've always upgraded. This will be the one i'll hold on to, and will pass on to my son.

I also own a heavy barreled DPMS that i'm pretty fond of.
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 3:50:58 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 4:57:30 AM EDT
I have always been interested in military arms, and when I was in junior high school I said to myself that one day I would own an AR15. Fast forward to high school, my senior year 1987. I decided to buy a MIni-14 because I couldn't find an AR that had a price to match my budget. I shot the Mini a lot, but still had the desire for an AR. Finally, in the fall of 1988, a guy told me about an AR in a pawn shop for $450. I ran out the very next morning and put it in lay-away. It was a Colt SP1, and $450 was probably too much at that time, but I had to have it.

A couple of years later I decided that I wanted a Colt AR15A2 HBAR, and like a dumbass thought that I didn't "need" two ARs. So I went out and did the dumbest thing ever by selling that SP1 to a guy I worked with. I feel like that Chris Farley character when he hits himself in the head and says "YOU IDIOT!!!". Lesson learned: Never, ever get rid of an AR. I finally replaced that SP1 with another one last year.
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 5:07:32 AM EDT
My first AR was a Colt M16A2 in the US Army.

My first bought AR is my Bushmaster XM15-E2S from the EE.
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 5:09:45 AM EDT
Never let your friend drag you to a tactical match to "watch"....................had one the next weekend.
I did make the mistake of selling it last year, but fixed that last weekend....
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 5:12:52 AM EDT
I got mine after using my dads 2 since I was a kid.
Bought mine at 19. Bushmaster E2S converted to m4gery.
Then sold it and now have a CMMG upper/Mega lower m4gery for cheaper
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 5:14:06 AM EDT
I built my first one back in about 1997. I had just decided that they were pretty cool looking and if I could build one, it had to be better than buying one.

It would be a hard day in hell before I would ever part with my tack driver.
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 5:35:10 AM EDT
Oh man, like I always wanted an AR from back in my High School days back in the early 80’s. But shit dude I joined the Army and man I was hitting the range minimum twice a year and was like dude this would be awesome to own some day when I get out!

I knew too that the AK was “THE” shit to own and was a “one shot one kill” weapon that would blow away the AR I had in the military. Dude during Desert Storm we even found Aks buried in the sand that functioned! I wanted to throw my piece of shit AR with M203 in the burn pit and carry that AK for the entire operation! I didn’t want to toss .223 down range I wanted to lob 7.62 down range!!!

So my first EBR was an AK! I bought an awesome SAR1 with crooked sights but still dude it was awesome I could hit a pie plate at 50m! But I got stupid and sold it to purchase my first AR. My wife was like “isn’t the AK better” and I was like “Dude, yea but I always wanted an AR like I had in the Army”.

Ok, that’s it, I can’t go on like this…………………..LOL!!!
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 6:45:34 AM EDT
My Dad's cousin had one back in 1988 or 1989. My dad had really wanted one for years and finally decided to get a Bushy 20" A2 during the ban (I think about 2001). My dad, my brother and I shot that for years, but I wanted a carbine. I bought an M&A M4 parts kit in January of 2004.I was 17 at the time and convinced my mom (dad was busy) that I needed her to order me a stripped lower from the local FFL. A week or two later, I had an Olympic Arms lower (for $130) and I assembled it that night.

Since this M4gery, I have since added 2 20" rifles (flattop and A2 uppers) and another 16" (mid-length) and I have plans for another 20" A2 in the next year..................and I'm not even 20 yet

There is no cure for BRD

Link Posted: 9/28/2005 6:57:43 AM EDT
My first was a colt SP1 car. I got for $299 in 1980. When I turned 18. It was my second rifle. The first was a german HK91 that I payed about 399 for. Loved that car. still have it old style A1 ,no forward asst. Posibley one of the most practicle guns in my toychest. Still runns great and no problems after ? rounds. Stopped counting in mid 80's.
Link Posted: 9/28/2005 7:04:21 AM EDT
I bought my first AR in 1992, I think. It's a Colt Sporter 20" A2 HBAR. I think it was $650.00

It's a blue label rifle...it has the flash hider, but no bayonet lug. It has that cool dark gray finish.

When I was a teen, I wanted a M16, but I was still happy with my first AR purchase. Semi-auto will do for me. :)

I added a cheek-rest to the stock and a Tasco scope to the carry handle. Not considered very tactical nowadays, I'd bet.

I still have the rifle...it's in the very back of the gun safe.


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