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Posted: 10/10/2007 7:10:12 AM EST
Hello everyone. Long time no see. In fact it has been so long since I posted that I had to re-register.

Anyway, Since I now work at a Gunshop in the Wholesale division I figure I may as well build another AR.

Sadly I am down to just my 16 inch A2 so I have a lot of options on what to build. I am torn between a standard 20 inch A2 a 20 inch A4 with flip up front and rear sites or something with a bull barrel and scope on it.

Another option is to take the A2 upper off my Shorty and put a Flatop on it then make the 20 inch a standard A2. I think I am leaning towards this option but would like some other input.
Link Posted: 10/10/2007 7:28:01 AM EST
I personally like the flat top with BUIS. It offers many more options in the future for scope mounting etc. The A2 buttstock offers more stability IMHO for precision/long range rifle work with a 20" barrel. My $02 worth.
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