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Posted: 4/14/2006 3:37:09 PM EDT
What are some of the methods for tuning a Rock River two-stage trigger to have a lighter second stage?
Link Posted: 4/14/2006 5:06:49 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/14/2006 5:25:54 PM EDT
Garand/M14 is the same method I use.  If it gets too light, you can take it out by stoning the other end(...but only once or twice).  After that the hammer is ruined.  A person is asking for trouble with anything under 3#.  I learned this with a Garand trigger that I got down to 2# (inexperience on my part).  Once fired, it doubled tapped its way through the other seven rounds...more precisely, seven tapped.  It was quite a handful.

I heard of another method at Knob Creek, but I didn't get all the details, due to the noise and my lack of hearing.
Link Posted: 4/14/2006 11:15:53 PM EDT
The best method I've found is to send your trigger with a check for $35 to White Oak Armament. They will fix you up.
Link Posted: 4/15/2006 6:12:35 AM EDT
What weight does your trigger release at now?

A "NM" trigger is supposed to be able to "hold" a weight of 4.5 pounds WITHOUT releasing the sear.  Armalite has a tech note on their web site regarding tuning two-stage triggers.  Check it out, and you will learn what is needed.

I have shot some INCREDIBLE groups using stock lockwork.  The heavy creep, then catch/drag just before release of a factory trigger can be "staged" very similar to a two-stage if rearward pressure is applied gradually.  LEARN via practice to hold that trigger/sear right at the release point, and it will NOT matter if the final amount is 8 pounds.

The down side to a light second stage is doubling WILL occur if a light "benchrest style" hold is used on the rifle.  So any perceived "advantage" of the light release is accompanied by the negative effects of tightly gripping the rifle.

I've been trying to "get used to" a slightly over 3# RRA two-stage for many months, and KNOW IN MY HEART that doubling WILL CONTINUE until I rework it to a HEAVIER weight...OTOH my single stage JP trigger releases at 3# exactly, and has never doubled in over 10 years of use, while maintaining the same release weight.  Kudos to John Robinson of SE Pennsylvania who installed it!

Link Posted: 4/15/2006 12:35:15 PM EDT

Originally Posted By PALADIN-hgwt:
What weight does your trigger release at now?

I stoned it to 3.4#.  I am not comfortable with going lower than that.  Originally, it was set at 4.75#.  Since this trigger is solely for a scoped AR, I am not concerned with the NM requirement.  All my NM M1A's and Garands are right at 4.5-4.6#, measured with free weight.  With the Finn M39, Swiss K-31, and my match rifles, I don't want to get used to a heavy trigger for target work; I'll leave stock triggers to my plinker ARs.

I am concerned about the possibility of double tapping on this trigger.  I have a John Hollinger on my scoped Colt AR, and have not had double taps so far.  It is a superior trigger.  I shoot from an Uncle Bud's bench bag, a long one; I think that Uncle Bud's is the brand name, and use a tight shoulder hold.  I haven't had double taps with it.  I may try a lighter shoulder hold or try firing standing or sitting to see if a double occurs.  Hopefully, this coming week, I'll have time for the range to give it a try.  At the very worst, I have ruined it, and I can always buy another one to learn from; they'll make more Doritos.

Is this the JP trigger you have?

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