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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 8/23/2003 10:41:04 AM EDT
Hello and thanks for the answers in advance.

I have a Bushmaster A3 16" light weight with RAS, Aimpoint Comp, ARMS 40A, ARMS 22M68 w/ Cantilever Ext. and such.

My question is this.....

I would like to bench shoot sometimes with a variable power leupold.

Let say that I have my Aimpoint mounted and sighted in on it's ARMS 22M68 & Ext.

And then I also carry a Leupold variable with it's own rings and mounts.

Can I maintain good accuracy with the scopes sighted in on their own mounts?

In other words.....if I normally shoot with the Aimpiont on for quick target aquisition and I switch to a Leupold that has been sighted in on it's own mounts and rings, can I expect good groups even though it's been removed once sighted in?

If this confuses you, please let me know.

Link Posted: 8/23/2003 7:58:56 PM EDT
Yes - though your first shots might not be at the point of aim. In the past I tried this and found that ensuring that the scope mounts in the same set of slots - pressed forward against the lugs helps. I use ARMS #22 rings. I found that the first shot might be almost an inch off but the group would follow the first into the target. A quick handful of clicks would return the rifle to point of aim. I often remove my scopes for storage and cleaning. An inch isn't going to hurt me - I'm still hitting the COM at 900 yards which is good enough for me. On my varmint/dedicated target bolt rifle I wouldn't dream of removing the scope or touching the rings. They're all held in place with locktite. That thing gets coddled from safe to bench riding in a nice hard case and always handled gently. Quite unlike my AR's which are weapons.
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