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Posted: 9/27/2004 9:39:45 PM EDT
This month started out great. The AWB expired. I put a preban upper and c- stock on the bushy. I take off work at the Hospital to have a glorious day of shooting a non-neutered AR. Do I get to shoot it after waiting 10 years? NO!
Freaking Hurricaine Ivan blows up Pensacola and all of Escambia county. This town looks like a war zone. It was a little strange having National Guardsmen with M16's directing traffic. I couldn't figure out why some of them had grenade launchers on them. I guess it was for the cars that didn't stop. LOL This drunk guy that was told to leave the hospital started giving two of them crap, I saw first hand those plastic butstocks can knock the crap out of you just as good as wood.
It will probably be another 3 months till I can shoot again. The range is destroyed and building supplies scarce.
At least the power is on now! I have my shanty town blue tarp for a roof! Now if the insurance guy will just give me 20k to fix my house. The only roofer that would take the job said im # 1,170 on his list LOL Patience is my middle name.
Link Posted: 9/27/2004 10:40:11 PM EDT
man that sucks, hope everything is ok.
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