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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 6/22/2003 5:22:19 AM EDT
I bought my first AR15 two days ago and shot it for the first time yesterday and all I have to say is WOW. I had no idea. It is without a doubt the most wonderful thing ever invented. The raw power is just incredible. I always thought those who said a pistol was only good for fighting your way to your rifle with were elitist, but they are exactly right. I have no idea why I went so many years without one. I bought a brand new Bushmaster XM15-E2S M4. I am never getting rid of this rifle!

Now, I have to find a way to keep this thing fed. It is a very hungry rifle, it ate $50 (300 rounds) in about 45 minutes after I got the sights zeroed. IMI @ $4.95 a box of 30. I've got to find some quanity deals on a case.

Link Posted: 6/22/2003 5:35:36 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/22/2003 5:36:46 AM EDT by DarkStar]
Now you understand Black Rifle Madness... Try some experiments with some of the cheaper brands of ammo and see if your Bushy likes any of them. Accuracy is always a nice thing, but reliable functioning is better when it comes to plinking ammo... ofcourse, both would be great. [url]www.ammo-oracle.com[/url] If you haven't been here yet, give it a good read... I've had great luck with Wolf for plinking ammo... the next guy will tell you it sucks, so you may want to pick up a few boxes and see what you and your Bushy think. It's a bit dirty and underpowered but at $85 to $94 a case/1000, it's hard to beat if you and your rifle like it. Find Lake City XM193 or Winchester Q3131a for more serious uses, and don't forget a decent supply of USGI magazines... I've had great success with the following for online ammo orders: [url]www.sportsmansguide.com[/url] [url]www.midwayusa.com[/url] [url]www.jgsales.com[/url] Edited due to lack of coffee...
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 5:45:03 AM EDT
Sportsman's Guide has excellent prices on Lake City if you're a Guide Club member. http://www.ammoman.com/ is also an excellent source.
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 5:47:30 AM EDT
Congrats, you will soon have more than one AR-15, it's a very addictive hobbie. Watch out for the Rem. 700, AR-10, FAL, M-4, etc., a whole bunch of scopes, cases of ammo, etc. etc. they are all coming your way.
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 7:15:50 AM EDT
HI, I agree the more I shoot my AR the more I like it.Also the next thing is all the extra stuff,as there is so much you can do with a AR,all the scopes,lights to put on it and you will have to get gear that you can use to carry all the stuff,alot of fun Thanks,Kev
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 7:32:03 AM EDT
The "fever" is usually passed on by a familly member or friend. I caught my BRF (Black Rifle Fever) from my brother. I couldnt beleive that I could hit a 12"x12" steel plate @ 200 yards, off hand with open sites. Your f#cked. Better find another part time job so you can treat the fever.
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 9:44:00 AM EDT
I hope for your sake you bought an A2; if you have a flattop, on the other hand... prepare to go broke, buying "stuff".
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 9:47:29 AM EDT
Most of my AR's are A2's and I'm going broke anyway! [;)]
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 11:29:12 AM EDT
Welcome to the boards we hope you post early and often And for gods sakes don't put Russian ammo in that thing. You have just bought the Corvette of black rifles and if you had just bought a Vette, would you pour 50/50 lawn mower gas in it? [sniper]
Link Posted: 6/22/2003 12:10:09 PM EDT
Originally Posted By XM15M4: I always thought those who said a pistol was only good for fighting your way to your rifle with were elitist, but they are exactly right. Tom
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