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Posted: 9/9/2013 4:08:40 PM EDT
Hey guys. I am looking for a neon colored unicorn. No not really, but the barrel I am after seems to be nearly impossible to find!!

What I am after is a 16" CARBINE gas length system, medium/government profile .223/5.56 barrel.

I want the barrel to be .750 from the point of the gas block to the end of the barrel. What I have on my gun now is an M4, and I despise it with a passion.

Ultimately I want to have the 16" cut/crowned/threaded at 14.1" and have an AAC 51T Blackout FH pinned to the end to make it exactly 16". So when I get my can I will be just over 20" OA.

All of the carbine barrels I find that fit the specs are HBAR under the HG or light weight, everything else is a middy. I would buy a mid-length system, but then I would have to swap my Centurion carbine-cutout for a mid-length and buy a middy gas tube, ain't nobody got time fo dat.

If anyone has any links as to where I could find this thing it would be greatly appreciated. Hell I would even settle for used if someone had one, its really all I need to finish my Noveske Gen 2 lower build.

Thanks for the help!!
Link Posted: 9/9/2013 4:15:31 PM EDT
Sooo...you want a 16" carbine barrel without the m203 cut?
Link Posted: 9/9/2013 4:25:00 PM EDT
Yeah, not feelin' the m203 cut at all lol.
Link Posted: 9/9/2013 4:32:45 PM EDT
Why not just buy a HBAR barrel and have it turned down to your specs? I'm sure you can call Compass Lake, Douglas, etc and have them spec a barrel for you.
Link Posted: 9/9/2013 4:49:37 PM EDT
Look for the user name thirsty in the EE under used upper parts. I believe the barrel he has listed is what you seek.
Link Posted: 9/9/2013 5:01:25 PM EDT
I was going to suggest Green Mountain but the barrel I had in mind is out of stock
Link Posted: 9/9/2013 5:10:54 PM EDT
Buy a Noveske Infidel or Afghan and thank me later. Sell the rail you have and buy a new one.
Link Posted: 9/9/2013 5:17:42 PM EDT
If the barrel is .750" from the seat forward, it is likely that the exposed portion of the barrel beynd the gas block is going to look like shit after the gas block is installed. There is a reason why they are not .750" the entire way.

Link Posted: 9/9/2013 5:19:22 PM EDT
jBoy723: I have considered having ADCO do it being they are local and have done work for me before, but if I go this route I dont want to spend $300+ on a barrel, otherwise done and said it'll be another $300 in labor lol. But we shall see!!

FRONTIER: Sent Thirsty a message, thanks man!!

9divdoc: What Green Mountain is it? I would love to check it out regardless of it being in stock or not.

Hydra-shokz: I would love a Noveske, I just cant stomach the price. That's my rent for the month, or 1/4 of what my car is worth lol. I originally considered the Rainier 13.7" Match but the 51T Blackout FH would only bring the OAL to 15.6". Which sucks because I would love a barrel that short and still be able to mount a can without having to go the SBR route.
Link Posted: 9/9/2013 5:22:09 PM EDT
There's an in-stock barrel thread in the Build-it-yourself forum.
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