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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 7/29/2003 9:56:58 AM EDT
I need to eliminate squirrels and raccoons on my property.

I want it to be quiet and don't want the bullet to travel very far if I HAPPEN to miss.

Should I get a silencer for my AR, my 10/22, or my HK USP40?

About how loud would each of those be?

Link Posted: 7/29/2003 12:14:31 PM EDT
dont miss! j/k if less than 100 yards id say 10/22
Link Posted: 7/29/2003 12:54:23 PM EDT
Any suggestions on the type of silencer?
Link Posted: 7/29/2003 12:59:34 PM EDT
.22 LR doesn't do much damage to Raccoons. I'd say AR unless you really feel like a new 'old' rifle, then I'd say .22 Hornet!
Link Posted: 7/29/2003 1:07:33 PM EDT
.22 LR does plenty of damage to coons. Killed hundreds of them with a 22. Most of the time you will be able to get within 30 ft. of them b/c they crawled up a tree. If they're on the ground they're running and you probably won't hit them anyway. Its definitely all you would need for small varmits (coons, rabbits, squirrel). besides an AR with a surpessor is about as loud as a .22 LR
Link Posted: 7/29/2003 2:20:17 PM EDT
Which totally defeats the purpose. I want something QUIET. So I guess a .22 integral suppressed. Sub sonics or not?
Link Posted: 7/29/2003 3:24:06 PM EDT
I don't know much about silencers but I just started varmint hunting with my walther P99 and I don't think I've ever had so much fun in my entire life. Although I didn't hit very many.
Link Posted: 7/29/2003 3:35:00 PM EDT
I'd go for the 10/22. Go to [url]http://www.gemtech.com[/url]. They sell the Outback silencer for about $325 and the SeaHunter for $625. The Outback reduces sound 35 decibals, the SeaHunter 40 decibals. A .22 rifle unsuppressed is about 143-145 decibals. According to Small Arms Review, 112 decibals is "movie gun quiet." Use subsonics so you won't have a ballistic crack.
Link Posted: 7/29/2003 6:01:16 PM EDT
If youre only gonna get one, put it on your AR. It will be fairly quiet, and pretty badass when youre not hunting too.
Link Posted: 7/29/2003 6:18:43 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/29/2003 6:45:34 PM EDT by TIMMAH]
Use the 10/22 with the new aguilla(sp?) 60gr subsonics for better penetration [:D]
Link Posted: 7/29/2003 9:18:34 PM EDT
Am I the only one here catching the fact that he could get a suppressor for the AR (if it is preban) and get the barrel threaded for the 10/22. That way he could do either since the .223 suppressor would be steel and could stand up to the highpower as well as suppress the duce duce. I have killed hundreds of Jackrabbits with 10/22 that was wearing a 9mm pistol can. Damn quiet and drops the buggers as long as I use subsonic hollowpoints from Remington. If you get the integral 22 than it is stuck on one gun. My 2cents. Debo
Link Posted: 7/30/2003 4:11:39 AM EDT
Yea, it's a preban. Colt Sporter Target Model. I've been wanting to get something like the Gemtech Bilock installed on it. Or the equiv. AAC. So a .223 can would also work with 22LR?
Link Posted: 7/30/2003 9:22:27 AM EDT
Hell yes. But not the other way around (.22lr can on .223) It will be a little end heavy on your 10/22 depending on which model of .223 can you get but they are both .22 cal bullets. Beats paying for two cans, two taxes, and two transfer fees. Make sure you soak it from time to time if you are shooting lead bullets (.22lr) but it should work just great.
Link Posted: 7/30/2003 10:08:11 AM EDT
Great! Can anyone suggest a great AR suppressor? I would have it long enough to use when I EVENTUALLY get an M16A1
Link Posted: 7/30/2003 10:11:08 AM EDT
If you get the suppressor on your AR, make sure to grab up some true varmint ammo like Hornady Varmint Express that uses the Vmax bullet or any similar load using the same bullet. These things are frangible to the extreme and if you do happen to miss they will blow to bits and very likely pose less risk of a ricochette than any 22lr. For the suppressor using heavier weight projectiles might be a little more forgiving and less punishing on the baffles of the can, like 60grn Vmaxes at around 2900fps as opposed to 40grain Vmaxes flying at 3500+fps but I don't know for sure. Others with actual experience could comment on what super sonic loadings would be the best choices.
Link Posted: 7/30/2003 5:35:41 PM EDT
I'd go with the M4-96D by Gemtech. Gemtech has great service and it is a great can. It is a quick detach design. The adapter doubles as a flash hider. The quick detach makes it quick to change from gun to gun and the threads won't wear out. Go to the website and check, but i'm very sure it can hold up to full-auto fire. I don't think multiple 30 round bursts would be good for it though.
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