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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/13/2006 12:09:23 PM EST
The V62 is an AR15 made by Vulcan Armament and designed to use AK47 magazines. It is chambered in 7.62x39.

The two-piece lower receiver is standard AR behind the magazine well. The front part is bolted and doweled in place. I assume this is done to avoid patent issues with XXXXXX. A paddle release is used for removing the magazine. The FCG appears to be standard issue AR. The upper receiver is a flattop without forward bolt assist or a dust cover and uses a chromed carrier. The 16” barrel has a “M4” profile and comes with an A2 flash hider, carbine hand guards, carbine length gas tube, and a four-rail gas block. The stock is a four position collapsible. The rifle comes with one 30 round magazine, a nylon sling, and a hard case. No sights come with the rifle.

Initial Impressions:
The upper receiver appears rough and the finish a little crude. Stamped lettering is very deep and also crude looking. The collapsing stock looks like one of those $25 gun show specials. There is a noticeable gap between the upper and lower receivers and the takedown pins are very tight. I have to use a drive pin with light hammer strikes to remove them. Finish on the barrel is very even. The trigger pull is single stage and heavy. However, it has almost no creep. I slugged the barrel and the groove diameter measures .3095”.

While the V62 uses AK47 magazines, you just can’t grab one, rock it into place, pull back the charging handle and start blasting. There are three areas on the magazine that need some grinding in order for them to work. The “tab” at the back must have its corners chamfered. The “ramp” above the tab must have the flat ground off resulting in a straight taper. The feed lips must be ground to clear the bolt and bolt carrier. It’s a little hard to describe these modifications, but if you compare the supplied magazine to an unmodified one, the differences become apparent. I modified a cheap $5, 5 round Chinese AK magazine and it works without any issues.

Shooting Impressions:
I mounted a Bushnell red dot sight using a single Burris tactical ring. Shooting from a bench (front rest, rear rest, 5 round magazine), I started at 25 yards to rough in the red dot. After it was shooting “close enough”, I moved the target back to 50 yards. Suddenly the bullets started to string vertically on a 12” spread. The scope mount was loose on the upper’s rail. No, I didn’t bring the tools to tighten it back up. So, since I couldn’t shoot for groups, I decided just to shoot for fun and to see how well the rifle would function. I grabbed the 30 round magazine, stuffed 20 rounds of Wolf steel cased ammo into it, rocked the magazine into the receiver, pulled back the charging handle and popped all 20 off as fast as I could pull the trigger. I did this again except that one round wouldn’t light off: bad primer. I switched back to the 5 round magazine and tried some hand loads. Ever round went bang and zero malfunctions.

This upcoming weekend I plan to take the V62 back out and try (again) to shoot for groups. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with the optics this time and can post some group sizes.
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