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Posted: 8/24/2004 12:13:50 PM EDT
I plan on using a Larue fixed BUIS as my only sighting system on my carbine until the day i can spring for an ACOG or some such device. Any reason not to do this?

Is there anything I'd have with an A2 upper that I won't get with such a system (anything good that is)? I've been using an A2 for awhile and that's what I shoot for the Army.

Maybe it's just the fact that it's called a BACKUP iron site and I plan on using it as a primary iron site (we can call it a PIS if you're dying for an acronym ;0 ).

Link Posted: 8/24/2004 12:19:46 PM EDT
I've been using my ARMS "buis" as a "pis" for over a year now.  Doing it for financial reasons.  Don't have the cash for the optic I'd like to have.  Which is OK really.  I think you should be skilled with irons before using optics anyhow.  This way it's unavoidable!  
Link Posted: 8/24/2004 2:11:15 PM EDT
Link Posted: 8/24/2004 6:41:15 PM EDT
I have been using a LaRue BUIS by itself for about the last two months because I'm holding out for the LaRue Cantilever Aimpoint mount.  I actually have grown to really like and be very quick with my irons alone.
Link Posted: 8/24/2004 7:34:41 PM EDT
When I bought my first Ar I knew eventually I would get an Aimpoint or Eotech adn I would need a BUIS anyway so I used an ARMS 40 that was great and still sits as a backup now.  As long as you buy quality you are set.
Link Posted: 8/25/2004 4:17:14 AM EDT
I am in the same boat...kinda.  I got a LMT buis that I am using until I can buy a Aimpoint but everytime I get the money I buy some other new gun or a new gun part for my post AWB build, or somthing for my car or something for my wife or something for my daughter or I break something on my mountain bike or I total my wife's Isuzu Rodeo or...well you get the idea.  

I think I am so used to Irons now that I really don't need a optic, not like that is gonna stop me though
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