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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/9/2003 4:58:48 PM EST
Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all the feedback related to the kit comparisons. I decided to go with a Bushmaster Varminter cause it was only 100 more than the kit I was going to put together.

The rifle is beautiful but I do have one complaint and am curious if I am just being obsessive. There is noticeable play between the upper and lower. It does give the rifle a not so solid feel.

Is this normal in a bushmaster?

I don't think I will keep this rifle if it is normal. I kinnda think the price should reflect in the craftsmanship and tolerances. Don't get me wrong the rest of the rifle seems A+.

Thanks so much!

Link Posted: 8/9/2003 6:11:00 PM EST
How much play are we talking about, and are you comparing this to other AR's. There will be some play. You can get one of those accu wedge thingies that mount behind the read take down pin, which will reduce the amount of play in a rifle.
Link Posted: 8/9/2003 6:32:01 PM EST
Your rifle is defective and beyond repair not covered under warrantee. Send it to me and I will dispose of it for you.[:D]
Link Posted: 8/9/2003 7:11:43 PM EST
I've found that this works for me. [url]http://mywebpages.comcast.net/jesse99/AR_Wiggle.html [/url]
Link Posted: 8/9/2003 11:11:21 PM EST
There is a rubber O ring/ front pivot lug repair. But I just put mine in a nylon padded vise and squeezed the front (ears) whatever you want to call them about .004inches closer together and mine fits really tight now and I'm happy with it (USE A CALIPERS THAT MEASURES TO .001in) do not over do this as it is just aluminum and if you bend the tar out of it it will crack. .004in is about as thick as 2-3sheets of paper so not a big deal. The front pivot pin goes in a little harder tha before though as the hole is not perfectly horizontal. [b]I know it sounds wierd but it worked for me and I don't have to look at any O-ring[/b]
Link Posted: 8/10/2003 12:01:14 AM EST
It is only a cosmetic issue. It will not hinder performance or accuracy in any way. If it really bothers you, then try one of the methods above.
Link Posted: 8/10/2003 8:40:21 AM EST
Thanks for the replies! I'm gonna give the o-ring a try.
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