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Posted: 4/18/2012 6:01:44 PM EDT
I hope this is the correct section ..but if it is not some one will move it
Where is a good place to buy Bandoliers I do not need stripper clips
got enough to put on 1500 rounds
Just need the card board and bandoliers
I need them cheap
My local surplus store in Texas used to sell them for a Buck
If you know of anywhere I can get them for $2.00 or less please post a link
Link Posted: 4/18/2012 6:21:59 PM EDT
I posted this before, but make them:

So I like to store my reloads and new ammo for .223 sort of how the military does it (on stripper clips, in cardboards, inside bandoliers, & stored in a ammo can). Now I don't know how to sew but my mom is very good at it, she has spent more $$$ on sewing machines than I have on guns. Anyway she took the measurements from a military 4 pocket bandolier and replicated it with out the strap. So below is a list of materials of what i use for ammo storage and some pictures.

List of materials and where I got them:
from various sources: light weight fabric different patterns
from various sources: 50 Cal ammo cans
oldsargesdropzone I bought: M16/AR15 4 Pocket Cardboards- NEW- 350 Ct. = 10500 rounds
oldsargesdropzone I bought: USGI M16/AR15 .223 Stripper Clips- NEW - 1,000 Ct.
Walmart: Tacky Glue: found in the craft section, this is to glue the pocket carboards
Walmart: cone shapped (more trapezoid shape) coffee filters
Hobby Lobby: 5 lb bag of desiccant aka (Dri Splendor Silica Gel) use the many 40% off coupons out there and the final price will be ~$7.00
I don't normally pack GI spoons I have some but I prefer the Thermold/Canadian Stripper Clip guides (IHMO are the best!!!), I try to always keep one in the range bag etc...

I pack them in there like this: http://www.ar15.com/content/page.html?id=299

So in the pictures I took show 4-5 different fabric patterns of home made bandoliers and a couple of the home made desiccant packs.

Link Posted: 4/19/2012 11:04:37 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/19/2012 11:10:03 AM EDT by callgood]
If the OP doesn't have a sewing machine (or Mom) handy,

check out Old Sarge.

It has been awhile since I used his site, but he had numerous combos at the time. I was partial to his "Dealer's Dozen"

ETA: just went to the site. If he still carries bandoliers they are well hidden.

Pity, they were good stuff.

eta2: Gary's Guns has 7 pocket bandoliers for 4 bucks a pop.
Link Posted: 4/19/2012 12:19:00 PM EDT
Link Posted: 4/19/2012 12:49:57 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/19/2012 12:51:39 PM EDT by HankHill33]
Just got off the phone with Ed at New River Salvage
WOW ! Very nice guy
Best prices going on Re-pack kits
$1.00 for a 4 pocket and .18 a card board
$60.00 for a thousand strippers
Just what I wanted
Ed says he has plenty to go around
Thanks for the Heads Up
Link Posted: 4/19/2012 5:04:12 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/19/2012 5:04:12 PM EDT by dpmmn]
Topic Moved
Link Posted: 4/20/2012 1:18:14 PM EDT
thought I would post the link
Great prices ////fast shipping
Link Posted: 4/23/2012 4:01:34 PM EDT
Try Sarco Inc.
Link Posted: 4/24/2012 4:28:46 AM EDT
What is the difference in the 4 pocket v. 7 pocket? I think I saw in the past that the cardboards hold 2 v. 3 strippers (3 strippers in the 4 pocket cardboard???)
Link Posted: 4/24/2012 5:06:41 AM EDT

Originally Posted By soulman:
What is the difference in the 4 pocket v. 7 pocket? I think I saw in the past that the cardboards hold 2 v. 3 strippers (3 strippers in the 4 pocket cardboard???)
To the best of my knowledge, the 7-pocket bandoliers are for 20 rounds per pocket while the 4-pocket bandoliers are for 30 rounds per pocket.

The pockets in the 4-pocket bandoliers that I have can be quickly converted to hold a 30-round magazine by pulling a string that's sewed across the pocket out. With the string in place, the cardboard with three stripper clips of ammo (30 rounds) is held near the opening. Without the string, it would be tough to retrieve the ammo in a cardboard sleeve.

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