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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/30/2002 3:54:24 PM EST
Got a few OD green cans of this stuff that read as follows:


MIL-C-272b and AMEND 2



OCT 74 LOT 2




Seems really oily and doesn't seem to have any modern bore solvent qualities to it.(No ammonia)
It burns too, so if all else fails i can use it as Lamp oil.
What the Heck is it??

Link Posted: 11/30/2002 8:50:02 PM EST
What do you have? Evil,toxic,nasty,petrolium based bore solvent. It does a good job! Works good for neutralizing corrosive priming and powder residue,and Black powder fouling. Cuts through modern smokeless powder residue and suspends it(Thanks to being oily) so that a patch can carry the gorp out. Does it stink like an old fart saved in a jar for 20 years? Or is it the newer stuff that was issued just in the last 40 years,and only smells like a Dow Chemical experiment gone bad? Either way the stuff isn't harmfull to your rifle(Your marriage might be in some jeapordy if you use it in the house though!) but keep in mind it ain't what the doctor ordered and mind the skin contact/ingestion issues. It has no Copper removing/oxidizing component so you will still need to chase the stuff with Sweets,or a mechanical cleaner like JB or Iosso to get the Jacket fouling out. I have a couple of 1 gallon cans from the early 80's,and several smaller cans issued for the garand laying around. The stuff is AWESOME for getting stuck disks on the disc plow un-frozen! Hope this helps! S-28
Link Posted: 12/3/2002 11:10:59 AM EST
What you have is the second-generation RBC (Rifle Bore Cleaner) that the military issued prior to CLP. This stuff was used for cleaning, and then LAW or LSA or was used to lubricate after using RBC. The first generation RBC, as issued during WWII, was actually in many ways BETTER than the stuff you have in your hand. The second generation RBC does NOT, repeat NOT, neutralize corrosive primer residue or black powder--contrary to popular belief. The first generation RBC (getting hard to find) DOES neutralize corrosive primer residue and to some extent, black powder residue. Neither the first generation or second generation RBC have any copper removal properties of any kind. In my opinion, RBC is CRAP. I did a little experiment a couple of years back to determine which bore cleaners really worked. I figured out that the two top cleaners are MPro-7 (top spot) and Shooters Choice (runner up). The bottom of the pack was taken up by RBC and Outers Nitro-Solve. The second generation RBC I was testing hardly got the barrel clean compared to the MPro-7. After multiple soakings and scrubbings with RBC, the barrel was still so dirty that when I then used MPro-7, I had COAL BLACK patches coming out as if I had not cleaned the barrel at all! Even BreakFree CLP out-did RBC for cleaning!!
Link Posted: 12/3/2002 7:37:44 PM EST
Thanks for the feedback.... Lamp oil it is...:) KyARGuy
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