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1/22/2020 12:12:56 PM
Posted: 9/18/2009 5:39:51 AM EST
Gents, this is very short, and I will try to post a longer version if time and situation permits. Before I left for Iraq, I mounted this scope on a standard M4 Carbine and sighted it in according to instructions. My shooting partner, an LEO, and I were limited to 200 yards at our range. All shooting from 100-200 yards was on 4x. We were able to get on target (B-27 Silhouette) at these ranges, and get kill shots in 2 seconds or less from ready sling position. All shooting under 100 yards was done between 1-3X. Snap-shots at close ranges on the lower powers got even faster. The generous eye relief was a help to me. Point of impact difference for both the 55 grain and 62 grain projectiles was minimal at 200 yards and closer, about 1.5 inches between the two at 200 yards, so what ever ammo you have if the need to engage arises, you will be in the kill zone at 0-300 yards with no problem. Regulations did not permit me to use this scope in the sandbox, but they are over there. Of note, this was one of the early Chinese models. The glass had a very faint rose tint under certain light conditions, and the illuminated reticle was a little hazy around the edges at higher intensity settings. It was a cold morning when we fired this test, and we observed no fogging inside the scope tube when transitioning from a warm truck to the mid 30's temperature outside. All in all, this is a scope with great potential, and I understand the new production models (not from China) are excellent. I will definitely be getting in line for the new one. I will try to post some target pictures soon. Keep up the good work Ed!

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