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Posted: 9/2/2004 4:08:09 PM EDT
I want to replace my fixed position tele-style stock with multi-position one after AWB. Out of what's out there and available, is the stock Fiberite six position the most durable of this type or is there something else available that's better?
Link Posted: 9/2/2004 4:11:51 PM EDT

A thread so well suited it's even stickied
Link Posted: 9/2/2004 4:16:19 PM EDT
It all depends on how much you want to spend. Fiberite will cost ya $70-$100 and will work just fine.

Magpuls, Vltors will cost a bit more in exchange for pimp/"tactical" boost. I'm attracted to them pimp stocks simply based on how people have said they are so durable... but the whole Vltor "yanks out your beard" rumor scares me,.

- BUCC_Guy
Link Posted: 9/2/2004 4:30:48 PM EDT
I am THROUGHLY impressed with the Magpul M93A, that is one hell of a solid stock when it is locked into place. Not to mention 8 positions between fully extended and closed, with the ability to extend it to a length beyond that of the A2 stock when fully opened...

Cheek weld is said to be VERY good as well because the top of the Magpull stock is flush with the lower receiver/charging handle as it would be with a typical A2/A1 stock. Compare to the lower positioning of the other carbine stocks out there which have your cheek dropping down slightly lower for a different positioning behind the sight.
Link Posted: 9/2/2004 6:00:30 PM EDT
How do you mount a sling on the Bushmaster 6-position stock?
Link Posted: 9/2/2004 6:12:31 PM EDT
Can you just unpin a pinned folder or do I need to buy a new one?
Link Posted: 9/3/2004 7:23:54 AM EDT

Originally Posted By flashbackk:
Can you just unpin a pinned folder or do I need to buy a new one?

Depends on if it's a true folder that's been modded, or if it's a "fixed collapsable stock." The new "Post Ban" stocks are generally made with a full length tube/buffer/spring.
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