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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/18/2002 3:18:56 PM EST
I would like to buy some sort of universal light that can be mounted on an AR or used seperately with a handgun.

I looked at the Surefire 6P or whatever its called.

Is there anything better for cheaper?

Could such a light be mounted to the side of the front sight or barrel?

How could i modify the light switch or is there a better light for the job?

I also looked at the GG&G D&D mount. If i used this, then i would have to switch to a single point sling. Where could i acquire one of those elastic/stretch slings?

I dont care about a pistol mounted light. Just to use the flashlight as a standalone. And to mount on an AR-15.

Nothing too fancy. Not like im SWAT or anything. Just want a good quality light that'll do the job for home defense/SHTF

Link Posted: 12/18/2002 3:50:08 PM EST
If you have one illumination tool to share between weapons, there is always a chance that the illumination tool is not with the weapon when you need it. Therefore, I suggest you invest in two illumination tools. How about a SureFire G2Z for about $60 as your handheld and a SureFire 662 for about £215 mounted to the barrel of your AR-15. This way, you always have a light on the AR-15, and you have a flashlight you can carry with/on you or keep with the handgun. Both models use the same Lamp Assemblies. Going this route may not work out any more expensive then building your own setup and the time and effort involved. Also, with dedicated SureFires, you get models intended for specific uses. WeaponLights such as the 662 come with a tape pressure switch and a shock isolated Bezel. The G2Z is a "CombatGrip" model that will help you grip it when used in conjunction with a handgun. For info on the 662: [url]http://www.surefire.com/cgi-bin/main.pl?pgm=co_disp&func=displ&carfnbr=&prrfnbr=526&sesent=0,0[/url] For info on the G2Z: [url]http://www.surefire.com/cgi-bin/main.pl?pgm=co_disp&func=displ&carfnbr=&prrfnbr=815&sesent=0,0[/url] Contact SureFire Dealers for attractive pricing on these items. Respectfully, Al
Link Posted: 12/19/2002 4:38:29 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/19/2002 4:39:50 AM EST by spider]
Yep, what he said. If you're serious about having a weaponlight for the AR, it needs to be somewhat dedicated. I personally like Mr. Good's ideaology, that "One is none, & two is one." Don't make the mistake of trying to install a handheld personal flashlight to a weapon, as some of these don't have shock-isolated lamp assemblies & won't hold up to recoil; hence, you're back in the dark (which again is another vote for TWO lights.) Do a search & you'll find an avid following of Surefire lights. Although pricey, they share NO equal. I'm finding I share the same addiction as new-arguy in that if I'm not spending $ on ARs/accessories I'm buying another Surefire... Edited to add link for an extremely good read: [url]www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=3&f=20&t=144558&page=1#bottom[/url].
Link Posted: 12/19/2002 5:57:55 AM EST
[Last Edit: 12/19/2002 4:03:50 PM EST by JvN]
If you get a Model 662 WeaponLight, I suggest getting both a pressure switch and an on-off switch (universal housing UxxyyB, where xx is the cable length in inches of the pressure switch and yy is the cable length in inches of the on-off switch). There may be times when you need the light to be on, but you don't have a free hand available to press the pressure switch. Download the 2002 SureFire WeaponLight Catalog at http://www.surefire.com/misc/SureFire%20Weapons%20Cat_2002.pdf to read more about the SureFire WeaponLights and available options. For a handheld, I personally think that the regular G2 is just fine (basically, a polymer version of the 6P). Plus, the G2 is significantly less expensive than the G2Z. I see little use for holding a flashlight like a cigar (the so-called Rogers-SureFire technique, among other names for that flashlight hold), which is what the tapered G2Z body is for, in a self defense situation. That is not the time for a fine motor skill technique. Hold the light strongly in your fist. You are less likely to drop it and you can use it as an impact device if necessary. I've been told that Bill Rogers doesn't even use a "Z" SureFire when using a Rogers-SureFire hold. He uses a regular SureFire with some O-rings slipped over the body. jvn
Link Posted: 12/19/2002 7:29:24 AM EST
Get a Surefire G2 and you will have a 125 lumen tac light and a 60 lumen hand held for $30-40.
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