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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 3/24/2006 2:12:09 PM EDT
Anyone have a link or the info needed to remove a collapsable stock and replace it with an A2 stock. I have the stock removal tool for the collapsable stock. Any info would be great.


Link Posted: 3/24/2006 6:10:19 PM EDT
Push down on the buffer retainer and remove the buffer and spring... Examine the castle nut to see if it staked, if it is, it will take a little bit of force to break the castle nut loose... If it isn't staked then there is a possibility that it has loctite on the threads and it too will take a bit of force to break it loose... Heating the castle nut up using a propane torch will aid in its removal... After the nut is loose and screwed back as far as it will go, slide the locking plate all the way back until it meets the castle nut... When removing the locking plate, be careful not to lose the takedown pin spring and detent that is located under the plate... At this point you can just unscrew the tube by hand... Be careful not to lose the buffer retainer and spring when removing the buffer tube...

To install the A2 buffer tube, make sure the buffer retainer and spring is inserted then screw the buffer tube into the receiver until it meets the collar on the tube and there are no longer any threads showing... You will need to push the buffer retainer downward to allow the tube to pass over it and fully seat... Torque the buffer tube to 35 to 39 Ft. Lbs... The A2 has a spacer that goes onto the end of the buffer tube then the stock slides onto it... Place the screw into the hole at the end of the stock to attach it to the buffer tube... Use blue loctite on the screw... Replace the buffer and spring... Your finished...

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