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Posted: 7/15/2010 6:21:06 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/15/2010 7:20:54 PM EDT by Newbie1]
Step 1 - Lower on hold until gun show (if I can wait)
Step 2 - Purchased RRA LPK w 2 stage trigger for $130.
Step 3 - Purchased A2 buttstock.
Step 4 - Purchased DSA stripped upper for $60
Step 5 - Purchased Daniels Defense BCG for $130

Now I need to start thinking about a barrel.  If you may recall, this is a range gun.  I like accuracy but right now I will be shooting at no more than 200 yards.  While I do want a pretty accurate weapon I do not anticipate competing against anyone but myself and friends.  I will start with iron sites but will eventually add glass of some sort.  

Minimum length is 16 and max is 20.   So far I have cut cost on the butt and the upper, went mid-range on the BCG and maybe upper middle on the trigger.  I am willing to spend up for the barrel.  I still do like solid value.
Recommendations on length, construction, brand, etc.  

Link Posted: 7/15/2010 7:23:07 AM EDT
IMO, unless you are a world class shooter, worrying about barrel accuracy, espcially in an AR platform, is a bit unwarranted...almost any barrel one chooses will outshoot the shooter.

Consider your intended use and go from there WRT length, characteristics and construction.  Range only = a heavy 20" doesn't really matter...if you are looking for possible HD or carrying the weapon any distance, consider a (light/er) 16.

That said, BCM & DD offer standard bbls and CHF if you want to upgrade a bit...LMT is also top tier.  Spikes is popular here (but I don't own one).
Link Posted: 7/15/2010 7:19:17 PM EDT
Let me see if I can get a little more discussion going by offering more information and a possible selection.

Here are some facts:

Price range: $200 to $300

Purpose: Primarily a range gun, shot bench and standing. Will not be used for home defense. Potentially some local club competition and, less likely, some hunting. Current range max is 200 yds but may soon have limited access to 400 yds

Annual usage: Probably 1000 rds, mostly slow fire with some fast fire burst mixed in.

Min length = 18in with rifle length gas to reduce recoil.
Max length = 20 in, if competition comes into play.
Construction= Stainless (no hard use so don't need long life of chrome, stainless more accurate)
Barrel will be free floated for accuracy.
Wylde chamber, M4 feed ramp

Possible selections based on above:
White Oak 20" CMP Match, pre-ban, $210 msrp
18" SPR Match, $265

Thoughts, observations, alternatives?
Link Posted: 7/16/2010 12:06:45 PM EDT
Good afternoon Newbie1, all.

Hey again.

Sounds like your on way already.

My personal experience with Model 1 Sales barrels sold through MidwayUSA has been supurb to say the least.

To be brutally honest with you I'm hoping you'll check out the 24" stainless version and decide to run that. I think it's got the M4 cuts on the barrel extension, but I'm thinkin it's chambered in .223Rem. My thoughts, and just my $.02 worth, the .223Rem chamber will serve you quite well for your stated intended purposes for your build. Most of the really cheap blasting and practice ammo from Russia and all over the world is currently made to SAMMI  (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Institute) .223Rem specs. Most, if not all, of the factory ammo used for match shooting is .223Rem. If you should ever start reloading for your build it'll come out to SAMMI .223Rem specs.

The only down-side, and some would argue there is NO REAL down-side to a .223Rem chambered rifle is that it is advised you don't shoot 5.56X45NATO spec ammo in a .223Rem SAMMI speced chamber ( no serious ka-booms, maybe a blown primer, but it is enough to worry about though). NATO speced ammo is currently neither very cheap nor very accurate. Why people insist upon stockpiling vast quantities of the stuff is beyond me. Boxer primed Sellier & Belloit, PMC, UMC, prvi Partisan, and a host of other factory stuff is more accurate (for me anyway) than the Lake City stuff and I don't have to ream out the primer pockets either and it's as cheap or much cheaper in most cases, and even more available.

I'm sure to get it from the crowd who loves everything military, but I see absolutely no reason for either Wylde or NATO chamber specs, plain old .223Rem chamber sounds more suited for what you intend.

As always, stay safe and happy shooting.
Link Posted: 7/16/2010 1:17:12 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/16/2010 4:38:26 PM EDT by TigerForce]
You might consider this one: Daniel Defense CHF 16 inch mid-length.
DD barrels are supposed to be very good. It's made in-house. It's on sale now- enter code DDV3 at check-out for a pleasant surprise.
ETA: sorry, didn't read your second post carefully enough- looks like you want 18-20 inch SS. Happy hunting!
Link Posted: 7/16/2010 2:34:08 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 7/16/2010 2:35:28 PM EDT by ArchInfidel]
I'll throw this in the mix for you http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-18-SPR-SS410-Barrel-with-Rifle-Length-Gas-p/bcm-recbrl%2018ss.htm fits all your criteria and is better quality imo at least better tested than both those you listed.

or this is the same in 16" http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-16-Recce-SS410-Barrel-with-Mid-Length-Gas-p/bcm%20ss410%2016-8.htm

Link Posted: 7/16/2010 6:46:43 PM EDT
The Bravo 18" was actually on the short list. Thanks.
Link Posted: 7/17/2010 2:58:03 AM EDT
Good morning Newbie1, all.

Really interesting format you've chosen to keep a running (Step 1......) update for us. Sure is different and I like it. Kinda confuses those here who seem to hate everything about just about anything.

Looking forward to your choices and how they work for you.

As always, stay safe and happy building and shooting.
Link Posted: 7/17/2010 8:37:03 AM EDT
If you're still considering a 16", make sure you check this one out as well
Actually a little cheaper when you add it to your cart.  Also, Denny is a great guy.
Link Posted: 7/20/2010 7:45:32 PM EDT
Thanks for all the input.  Went with the WOA 20"  National Match Stainless. Price was right and reputation was great.  

Owner very responsive to e-mail.   Note to those buying national match (or maybe any barrel), buy the barrel before the receiver.  My receiver has m4 ramps and national match barrel does not normally have them.  Luckily I asked and John said they could add them.  

Also, buying misc parts like crazy.  Sights on E-bay, small parts at Midway and tools on both.  Excellent shipping on all.  A note on Del-Ton, I purchased my free float handguard from them on Sunday afternoon.  Debated whether to pay UPS three day, decided against it.  They shipped UPS ground on Monday morning and I received it today, Tuesday.  I'm in the same state but I was blown away.

Link Posted: 7/20/2010 7:55:04 PM EDT
Have you looked at the Rainier Barrels?  I have heard good things about them and they come in SS with the Wylde Chamber.
Link Posted: 7/20/2010 8:10:51 PM EDT
More expensive and they didn't have a 20".  WOA also had Wylde.
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