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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 12/15/2003 5:04:40 AM EST
I think I've been through the archives pretty thoroughly, so sorry if I'm asking a previously answered question.

My 9mm oly hasn't arrived yet, but the mags/loader/etc did, and I have questions.

Any idea as to the various markings on sten mags? I've got a random assortment of numbers, letter stamps, the Star of David on a couple of them, and who knows what else. FWIW, these are the first sten mags I've ever seen and they appear to be built like a tank.

They're supposed to hold 32 rounds, but some hold 33 or even 34.

It appears that there's no real difference in bullet weight/shape with regards to which loads easier w/ the brass loop loader (which I must say is every bit as handy as I was told it would be).

As a general rule, do oly's run better w/ 115, 124, or 147 grain ammo? I'm sure fmj's run better in general, but which weight (either hp or fmj) is most likely to feed best?

How much velocity am I gonna gain over pistol specs shooting w/ a 16" barrel? If I decide to suppress the weapon later, will 147's @ 960 fps(pistol spec) still be subsonic w/ the carbine barrel?

Oh, if anyone would like pics of the mags (maybe for a pistol upper mag FAQ?)I could take them and email to someone, I don't have anywhere to host them.
Link Posted: 12/15/2003 4:55:45 PM EST
Star of David might mean the mag went to Israel at some point and that was the "Okay, it passes...." Just guessing. A lot of my Sten mags have marks and numbers. Some of the numbers were serial numbers.... I never really looked into it.
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