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Posted: 10/31/2006 9:12:09 AM EST
Can I use a standard buffer tube, buffer and buffer spring on my 16" carbine? It's a FA Liberator upper, and I'd like to replace the collapsing stock with an Ace tubular stock, but the Ace requires a standard buffer tube. With the gas system tuned for a short barrel and the carbine stock, will I overstress any parts or can I expect FTF against the stiffer spring? TIA for any advise...

Link Posted: 10/31/2006 10:46:03 AM EST
[Last Edit: 10/31/2006 10:46:46 AM EST by ALPHAGHOST]
if you use a std, RIFLE length tube, you should use a std rifle length buffer and spring

if you are using a CAR stock length tube, you should be using a shorter, CAR stock length spring and buffer (spring is ~1in shorter and buffer is ~1 1/2in shorter than rifle)

either length of the correct and complete stock system will work with either a CAR/Middy/Rifle length upper, with no problems; i'm pretty sure i got your last question, so i will say that if you got the full length ACE stock that requires a std rifle length tube, you will need the longer rifle length spring and buffer

Link Posted: 11/1/2006 2:33:40 AM EST
You understood my question exactly right, thanks! Standard length tube, buffer and spring are ordered.

This is an amazing board!

Link Posted: 11/1/2006 7:09:05 AM EST
[Last Edit: 11/1/2006 7:09:21 AM EST by ALPHAGHOST]
this either came from the USMC manual or Bushy:

Rifle Spring should measure 11 3/8" min - 13 1/2"
Carbine Spring should measure 10 1/16" - 11 1/4"


let us know how the ACE works out for ya
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