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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/19/2003 11:43:10 AM EST
We are looking to purchase forged lowers in bulk. Can anyone recommend some manufacturers?
Does anyone know who makes them for FN and Diemeco (Canada).

Regards, Chris
Vancouver, BC
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 11:16:48 AM EST
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 11:42:13 AM EST
I believe one of the major forgeing producers of AR receivers is Contenental Machine and Tool.They are a Conn. based company IIRC. The lowers you see with a seriel # starting with "CM" were made by them. They supply many of the name brands. link: http://www.continentalmachinetool.com/capabilities.html
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 11:47:45 AM EST
Arent AR's Illegal in Canada Everything else is [marines] Justin
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 1:07:19 PM EST
Actually, they are not illegal. Neither are 14" barreled shotguns, bayonet lugs, Swiss Arms semi autos, Chinese m14's and SKS's and lots of other nice pieces. Our system is very screwed up actually. I firmly believe that the goverment of the day sat down in 1995 and watched a bunch of action films. They then prohibited the guns that looked nasty. All owners of these firearms were then "gandfathered" and allowed to keep or sell them to other grandfathered owners. No new prohibs could be imported. Guns that are not on the list are perfectly OK. Thats how we end up with such a weird system. Basically if it is new since 1995 or slipped under their radar, it can be imported and sold. Cheers, Chris
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 2:02:10 PM EST
That's how they did the AWB here, they got a Gun Digest or something, flipped through, and wrote down the names of all the guns that looked "military". In Kalifornistan, they even put one on the list that was a single shot shotgun, because the picture showed it to have a pistol grip and it looked military to them. The people that write these laws don't have a clue about firearms.
Link Posted: 7/20/2003 2:12:27 PM EST
cyoungso, Well right down the road from you guys are two sources that could probably fill all of your needs. One is Olympic Arms and the other is Mega Machine shop. Both of these make there own lowers. I personally own uppers and lowers from each along with a Colt. Fit is tight and finish is even and deep. If you have any questions drop me an IM and I will get back with you asap. I don't work for eithere of the two above mentioned shops, but have a few friends I could put you in contact with. Scorpion34 OUT!
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