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Posted: 8/13/2007 7:35:29 PM EDT
10 day wait was up today for the AR lower so now I want to learn about cleaning. I have searched and read the stickys but I am looking for a dumbed down version. I am looking for a complete list of things to buy and what to use. After I field strip what do I lube? What do I grease? What do I clean? Like I said I am a noob and looking for a dumbed down version so if you came in here to post 'search' or anything else why not save that time and actually give me a response :) If you have pictures thats great, or a link explaining in detail with pic thats perfect! Going tomorrow to buy everything, thanks!
Link Posted: 8/13/2007 8:37:48 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/13/2007 9:15:26 PM EDT by xkaper]
I use Break-Free's line:
BF Powder Blast
BF Bore Cleaning Foam
BF Carbon Cutter or SLiP2000 Carbon Killer

Some sort of cleaning kit is a must, I use a OTIS Cleaning kit and I have a USGI cleaning kit that I bought from PK Firearms, a .223 chamber mop, a Bore Snake, bore guide, patches, and tooth brushes.

Some may recommend a Dewey Rod, see below.


Dewey 2

Some good information can be found below...



Link Posted: 8/13/2007 9:38:40 PM EDT
If someone can dumb this down and answer the questions I have this would be perfect! Thanks for those links!


*Good thorough field strip, including all parts of B/CH/BCG what are these?

*Hose down FCG, B/CH/BCG, and inside of upper receiver with carb cleaner what are these?
*Scrub all above parts with copper and nylon brushes, pipe cleaner, Qtips
*Scrape all carbon off of firing pin and bolt face using homemade scraper tool (formerly coat hanger) and dental picks
*Hose internal parts off with carb cleaner Just spray it down the barrel? Spary over all parts and wipe down?
*Wipe down all parts with rag
*Wipe interior of mag well with rag

*Stick carb cleaner straw into gas tube at front of upper receiver. Spray liberally where is the gas tube
*Spray carb cleaner down barrel from chamber end before or after wiping down barrel? wipe down after?
*Pull boresnake through barrel 3 or 4 times same as above
*Spray out boresnake with carb cleaner. Let dry how long to let it sit? wipe down and then use carb cleaner?

*Hose out star chamber with carb cleaner what is this
*Clean star chamber using chamber brush and GI T handle, dental picks, Q tips, and patches what is this
*Rinse star chamber with carb cleaner

*Wipe down buffer what is this
*Insert piece of rag inbetween first and second layer of buffer spring. Twist buffer spring, working rag all the way down to the other end what is this
*Hose out receiver extension tube with carb cleaner what is this

*Clean any mud off of external surfaces. Wipe weapon down with damp rag just damp with water? no oil/grease?
*Clean handguards, beneath heat shields, and exposed barrel
*Clean trigger well with Qtips. Drop down trigger guard and clean exposed areas
*Wipe interior of pistol grip with rag
*On A2 models, clean butt plate, drain hole, and trap door
*Clean sights with Qtips, pipe cleaner, and nylon brush. Flip aperture and ensure both sections are clean
*Clean any rust off of front sight post or flash suppressor. Lightly coat flash suppressor using CLP. what is CLP


*Insert buffer and spring into receiver extension tube
*Install handguards
*Squirt a few drops of CLP down barrel from chamber end
*Run now-dry boresnake through barrel once to disperse lube
*Place plastic muzzle cap over flash suppressor

*Assemble extractor onto bolt.
*Align gas rings 60 degrees apart
*Place 2-3 drops of CLP on body of bolt, smear over bolt body with finger pics of this
*Place 1-2 drops of CLP on bolt cam, smear over bolt cam with finger pics of this
*Assemble bolt into bolt carrier, insert and twist bolt cam, insert firing pin and firing pin retaining pin, grasp bolt carrier group and snap bolt out
*Place 1 drop of CLP on each side of the bolt carrier, at the bottom front, on the raised rails. Smear with finger over entire rail section pics of this
*Place 1 drop of CLP on each side of the bolt carrier, at the top front, on the raised rails next to the gas key. Smear with finger over entire rail section pics of this
*Place 2-3 drops of CLP into opening of gas key of BCG pics of this

*Insert charging handle into upper receiver
*Insert BCG into charging handle
*Push BCG/CH forward, locking CH
*Reassemble upper and lower receivers

*Perform functions check
*Close ejection port cover

So please as many pics as you can of parts you clean would be awesome! all the old threads with this no longer work.
Link Posted: 8/13/2007 10:09:26 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 8/13/2007 11:51:49 PM EDT by xkaper]
Step by step cleaning

Basically I do the same thing as the link above, accept I use Break-Free Bore Cleaning foam inside the barrel, I spray it in there and let it sit for 15-30 min, I clean the chamber/lug recess with a tooth brush and cleaning stars. Then I run a patch or the bore snake through the barrel a few times till the barrel is clean, then I run a patch with CLP on it down the barrel. I dont use WD-40, instead I use Break-Free Powder Blast to remove grime, dirt, grease, oil, etc. I soak my disassembled bolt, carrier and firing pin in Break-Free Carbon Cutter or SLIP2000's Carbon Killer to remove carbon build up.Carbon Killer Some people just soak their bolt, firing pin and carrier in CLP or hose it down with Powder Blast or Gun Scrubber and then clean it off real good with a tooth brush or nylon brush and a rag, then make sure its lubed up real good before assembling it back together. As for the out side of the rifle, I use Break-Free's Weapon Wipes to clean it.

Acronyms and Abbreviations

I dont recommend using carb cleaner or break cleaner. Break-Free's Powder Blast will remove grease, oil, etc and is safe for guns and gun finishes.

CLP stands for Clean, Lubricate and Protect


Parts Diagram:

Bolt Carrier Assembly

Bolt Assembly

Key And Bolt Carrier Assembly

*Hose out star chamber with carb cleaner what is this

Here is your "Star Chamber":

Huge parts diagram:

Hope this helps, someone may chime in that has a bit more time on their hands.
Link Posted: 8/14/2007 2:17:04 PM EDT
Very nice step by step cleaning!

Thank you,
Mike :)
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