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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 7/12/2003 4:54:15 AM EDT
First off, MSTN ROCKS as usual. No Surprises there. Wes is a great pusher for junkies like me.

I am building a little project rifle, of which I dont want to give away many details yet, until its done. However, I thought I'd go ahead and pass on on thing I am doing, in case anyone else might be interested.
I am a big fan of a silent weapon. I dont like things that rattle on one. I also like a strong yet simple sling mounting setup, with quick detach capabilities. I know there are lots of products on the market that fit the bill, but I thought I'd share mine.

I am using a SIR on my project rifle, but this will work for RAS users as well. I got one of the Dieter CQD forward sling loops and attached it to the rail on the SIR. I like this mount because it is solid, and there isnt really anything to go wrong on it, and it is silent.

Cut and paste this ENTIRE link for a larger image.


From here, one has a number of sling options. I am a big fan of Eagle tac slings. I have one on my CQB carbine. The TAS-3 for M4's is the one. It has elastic covering's over all the hardwear making it silent. It also has H&K style clips at both ends. On can simply hook the clip onto the sling loop, slind the elastic down, and presto. Its almost completely silent and allows you to either unhook it via the quick release on the sling, or, the clip itself.



This sling also comes with a couple of different attachent pieces, allowing you to attach it to a carbine a number of ways. One piece in particular, is a small snap loop, to be used on the front sight post. I found that it fits perfectly on the Dieter loop. Using to to attach the sling, makes it 100% SILENT. This is the way I am going to be using it.





I just thought this might give some of you an alternative way of mounting a sling. Will be posting more on this little project as I can.
Link Posted: 7/12/2003 7:06:19 AM EDT
Very nice! [8D]
Link Posted: 7/12/2003 11:17:48 AM EDT
Good idea! Did you get the Dieter mounts from Wes?
Link Posted: 7/12/2003 11:24:39 AM EDT
Originally Posted By Horik: Good idea! Did you get the Dieter mounts from Wes?
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But of course!!
Link Posted: 7/14/2003 5:37:08 AM EDT
BTT for the weekday folks.
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