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Posted: 12/3/2011 2:24:26 PM EDT
A few years ago, I got a deal on a gently used Shepherd 310-PE1 rifle scope. While it is an OK scope, I have pretty much concluded it is not useful for shooting .223 Rem or 5.56 NATO from my rifle. The rifle in question is a Bushmaster XM-15E2S flattop, with 20" 1:9 heavy profile barrel, a JP Enterprises "match" trigger, and the scope mounted in Burris "Zee" rings on a Swan extra-long rail.

Do you use one of these scopes on a AR-15-type rifle? Can it be used with the .223 Rem cartridge? Both the scope's manual and the Shepherd website list .224 Weatherby Magnum as the least-powerful round. The reticle is marked for 350, 550, 700, 800, 900, and 1000 meters. Most of these distances aren't really shootable with my setup.

If there is some way I can make use of the Shepherd 310-PE1 with my current gear, I haven't found it. I'd like to be sure before I sell the scope. A "software" change would be much cheaper than a hardware change.
Link Posted: 12/12/2011 6:23:15 AM EDT
No one has any thoughts on this? Really?
Link Posted: 12/21/2011 11:56:43 AM EDT
Clearly I have this thread in the wrong forum. Which one would be more appropriate? I can't quite believe that no one else has ever heard of this scope, owns one, or has any thoughts on the issue.
Link Posted: 12/21/2011 7:15:21 PM EDT
I had one on my bison 6.8spc upper I didn't like it. It was a busy retical and really 1000 yards for hunting Thts just over kill for me.
Link Posted: 1/6/2012 8:34:45 AM EDT
I asked Shepherd for their opinion. They pretty much agreed that I had the wrong scope for my application. The only bullet I reload in .223 Rem is a 55 gr. Hornady FMJ boattail. Unfortunately, the bullet just doesn't have the ballistic coefficient (due to low weight) to reach out much past 300-400 yards with good accuracy.

I agree that the 1000-yard ballistic drop reticle on many Shepherd models is fairly silly for hunting. Most hunters don't have any business taking a 700-yard shot, let alone 1000 yards. That's not even considering whether the cartridge being used has that kind of reach.

This story does have a happy ending. I sold the 310-PE1 on FleaBay for a tidy profit. Presumably, the buyer owns a rifle chambered in a round for which the reticle makes sense.

I now have a much better idea of what kind of glass I need. On the whole, the experience was not only profitable but educational.
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