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Posted: 5/14/2004 12:31:48 AM EST
I'd like to buy/build a nice handling AR for calling coyotes that could be pressed into service for an occassional PD hunt and would appreciate some input on the following:

Barrel length - 16" HBAR feels the best to me (by far) but I'm wondering if I should get a 20" in order to make it a more effective hunting weapon. I'd like to shoot 40-55gr bullets at ranges from 10-350 yards. Pros/Cons?

Fixed/Removeable/No front sight - I've had the standard flat-top and V-Match configs and like them both. I like the versatility of the standard flat-top but the unobstructed view of the V-Match. Is a removeable front sight a good choice? Pros/Cons?

Buy/Build - I'm not made of $$ but I want to end up with a VERY accurate and reliable rifle that handles well in the field. I've owned Colts and Bushmasters and like the BMs better for fit/finish but I hear good things about RRA too. I think I can get a pretty good deal on a post-ban Colt lightweight to build on if that's a good option but like I said before, my priorities are 1) accuracy, 2) reliability and 3) nice handling. Pros/Cons?

BTW - Opinions on sights/optics are also welcome.

So what do ya think?


Link Posted: 5/14/2004 1:44:48 AM EST
I'm doing something similar, but with a slightly different goal in mind. I'm starting with a Rock River stripped lower, and I'm going to start collecting parts for it. Ultimately I'll build it up myself. I'm mostly going to try and pick up bargains and deals when I come across them. Should be interesting. The goal for me is to have a flattop AR that I can mount a scope on. Other than that I'm being totally open to the configuration.
Link Posted: 5/14/2004 3:20:05 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/14/2004 3:21:20 AM EST by airgunner]
For your purposes, you need a varmint rig. That means 20" barrel and no need for FSB or BUIS's. Here's a reply to a similar question for a guy who wanted to stay under $1200. You would obviously still need to add optics and mounts to this...

Part - Cost - Source
Lower receiver…
RRA Lower receiver - $95.00 - RB Precision
RRA Lower Parts kit - $54.44 - Adco Firearms
WOA tuned RRA trigger - $115.33 - Adco Firearms
Calvary Arms C1 Buttstock - $74.00 - Adrenaline Arms
Sierra Precision SPR Grip - $28.00 - Adrenaline Arms

Upper Receiver…
RRA A4 upper receiver - $90.00 - RB Precision or Adco
Wilson 20" 1/8 SS Varmint Barrel - $180.00 - RB Precision
Rifle length gas tube - $8.50 - Adco Firearms
PRI Gasbuster CH - $85.00 - RB Precision
LMT Enhanced Bolt - $155.00 - Denny's guns
LMT Standard Bolt Carrier - $88.00 - Denny's guns
RRA Aluminum Free Float tube - $55.00 - RB Precision
Harris Bipod - $60.00 - Number of places

Total = $1,088.27

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