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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/26/2003 10:46:37 PM EST
Why is my Sendra lower Purple?

Does it make the rifle more accurate?

Does it increase the rate of fire?

Is it so people can tell I own a Sendra from a great distance?


What is the legality of putting DUMMY {readily convertable} SHORT BARRELS on firearms or an AR. Example: preban UZIs-.....the overall length is well under 26" ! ! ! ? ? ?

Stupid question: If a firearm had a dummy barrel on it, is it still considered a firearm? It can't fire!, and with the AWB...it sure as hell ain't a Semi!

Link Posted: 7/27/2003 5:45:39 AM EST
[Last Edit: 7/27/2003 5:46:53 AM EST by adh]
Stupid question: If a firearm had a dummy barrel on it, is it still considered a firearm? It can't fire!, and with the AWB...it sure as hell ain't a Semi!
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Still a firearm. Your lower receiver and anything attached to it are the firearm. Edited to add that even things not attached to it can create illegality, i.e. conspiracy/intent.
Link Posted: 7/27/2003 5:01:23 PM EST
I don't think a court would have a chance in hell of convicting if you took a 10.5 or 11.5in barrel (non-chrome lined) and welded the chamber and bore shut. That said I don't see why you would want to. If you need a display gun I reccomend simply buying a Marui commando (10.5inch electric airsoft gun [or the cheaper springer versions].) these have some shiny and grey parts that don't look right. (this costs about $220 shipped from Hong Kong and you will be able to fire 6mm BB's full auto inside your house. That is about $40 more than the barrel and $100 less than a barreld upper with handguards. spray the upper/lower and barrel with flat black krylon or plasticote and if you are totally anal remove the pistol grip/motor assembly add a std grip and fill the grip and handguards with enough weight to make it feel right. THIS WILL BE CONVINCING ENOUGH FOR DISPLAY PURPOUSES (and it will have COLT M-16 markings and safe/semi/auto) [don't have trademarks removed or it won't]. [b]After all that I realized.... SHIT the tax stamp for registering your rifle as an SBR is only about as much as the barrel so why sweat it at all just SBR it. and that way you enjoy the real 10.5[/b]
Link Posted: 7/27/2003 10:17:03 PM EST
All NIB preban uzi's I have seen, came with a Dummy 10" and an active 16.1" barrel....with the dummy barrel installed the total overall lenght of the rifle -with stock extended is 25 3/4". Even with a dummy barrel intstalled it is still a firearm, so why is it not an SBR- being under 26". ! ! ! It IS a firearm.... It IS NOT an SBR.... It IS NOT an AOW, It can't be fired from the shoulder..or hand..or..at all Then what is it? Dose having a dummy barrel magically make it exempt from the CGA-NFA or ever the 922s? I know in the case of an AR-15 the BATF considers the lower reciver a firearm, if it is a post-ban and has a telescopic stock, and the pistol grip, it is a AW. BUT WAIT! Build a Post 94 C.A.R/Commando with a dummy barrel...it is not a "SEMIAUTOMATIC" ASSAULT WEAPON...it is not even manualy operated bolt gun...and if it has a solid barrel it is not even a rifle, cause it would have no rifling....... And if they could get one for THAT, what about this? {A}any of the firearms, or COPIES!!! or DUPLICATES!!!!of the firearms in any caliber, know as.......you know Colt AR-15: don't tell the BATF about AIRSOFT! And for God's sake don't let them see my GI JOE collection!- And keep the kid with the AR-15 style water gun in the house, cause it won't be COPS and ROBERS, it will be... BATF and 922r/w VIOLATORS! Seriously- Set me straight..I need sleep.
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