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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 8/21/2005 9:07:15 PM EDT
I was posting a reply about rust , on another board , and it suddenly occurred to
me how many posts relate to cleaning / maintaining weapons.

There are a lot of firearms owners out there who don’t have Military or LEO training , or even
much recreational experience with weapons ; so I thought I would share the simple things
that work for me.

(This ain’t rocket science , so if you find it too simplistic I apologize )

DISCLAIMER: If you have a BAD rust or Finish problem - PLEASE consult a Professional!

The worst thing you can do to a fine firearm is OVER CLEAN it.
More guns are probably damaged or “Uglified” by overcleaning than by normal use.

( Melted plastic , stained wood , metal finish that looks like a Belt Sander was used on it –
We’ve all seen this )

First – some DON’T’S

Do NOT use steel wool ,brillo pads, sandpaper, or other abrasives in an attempt to remove a
Stubborn “spot” on your gun or “even out ” the finish.

Do NOT DRENCH your gun with Industrial strength solvents , gasoline , kerosene , or
That WONDER CLEANER your shootin Buddy brought home from the Nuclear Plant.

Do NOT spend $ xxx dollars on “The Ultimate Cleaning Kit “ that everybody and their Brother Advertises.! (unless you’d rather throw money away than shoot it up )

Now ; you CAN go ahead and use your favorite commercial bore cleaner and gun lubricant.
ALL the commercial products are safe and effective when used as directed.
( RemOil , Sweets , CLP etc. – not a problem )

Here are some of the things I regularly use:

Cleaning products:

All of these items are inexpensive; most can be bought in bulk quantities , and are available
At drugstores – dollar stores – hardware stores- craft stores or K and W marts.

Orange (or green) cleaner – degreases and cleans – will not harm metal finishes , wood or plastic.

Armor All – (or generic equivalent )- cleans and protects, works great on / safe for plastic/synthetics and leather.

Gun oil – (any brand) – lubricates and inhibits corrosion.

Silicon wipe cloths (any brand) – displaces moisture from metal pores.
( great when you don’t want a greasy coat on the outside)


Nylon or natural bristle brushes – ( No scratches !) tooth brushes are ok but not as durable.

Cotton swabs – for nooks and crannies , cleaning out holes.

Lint free cloths – ( yes , rags and cut up underwear work , but these will grab the dirt and not just
Push it around) you can also make your own cleaning patches with them..

NYLON bore brushes - (cheaper than brass or bronze - .35 and .22 cal will fit most rifles and pistols-
Use with a plastic or coated rod NO STEEL ! ( you’re cleaning – not drilling )

That’s about it – Just add a little Elbow Grease – or better yet have the Missus do it

You should end up with this –

Instead of THIS

Happy cleaning , and peace

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