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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/2/2003 6:48:01 AM EST
Based on another thread, I ordered some SLIP 2000 carbon remover. Tried it on the tail of my bolt. I was completely underwhelmed. Can't see where it accomplishes anything that can't be done as well with common solvents.
Any other experiences out there?
Link Posted: 7/2/2003 4:24:57 PM EST
this is how i handle that carbon. you can scub with solvents, hoppes, clp, fp-10, or you can dip it in wonder shit for 15 minutes, or you can fire up a bench grinder with a wire wheel and in 3 seconds the carbon is gone. guess which one i pick?
Link Posted: 7/2/2003 4:34:48 PM EST
You're right. I've found that fine steel wool zings that stuff off pretty quick. Thanks.
Link Posted: 7/2/2003 5:28:00 PM EST
I got a free sample.They sent me a full jar around the size of a mason jar.havent tried it yet.I guess thereare no miracles in a bottle.
Link Posted: 7/3/2003 4:07:34 AM EST
For the most part I don't worry about the carbon on the tail of the bolt. It never seems to build up enough to cause a problem. I also have a jar of the Slip 2000 carbon remover, but haven't tried it yet, mainly because I don't have anything to try it on. But I do like their 725 gun degreaser (water based). It has become my all purpose gun cleaner now. What I like about it is that it isn't as messy as CLP... you can actually use the spray bottle without getting an oily mess everywhere. Plus it doesn't stink like CLP or other solvents, and it isn't as hazardous. And since so many gun lubes tell you to apply their product to bare metal for best results, I appreciate the way the metal is already degreased. I also use their gun lube, and it seems to work fine, but really no better or worse than most. I do like their bottle with the long tapered applicator tip though, it really helps to get into tight spots.
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 3:46:00 AM EST
Huh? I disagree. I have to clean a lot of M16's and have learned to love the SLIP 2000 Gas piston/choke tube cleaner. I soak bolts and carriers for 15min while I clean the other parts of the rifle and wipe it off that easy. I guess when you have to clean in mass every little bit helps. I've been very happy with it. Oh by the way you might want to re-think the grinder with the wire wheel method...not a good thing. Possibility for damge.
Link Posted: 7/6/2003 12:10:47 PM EST
M4Joe; So what am I doing wrong here? I left my bolt in the stuff for fifteen minutes and, when I pulled it out, I still had to scrub the tail of the bolt ferociously to get the carbon off. Was I working under the wrong phase of the moon, or what? I need all the help I can get here. Thanks for your input.
Link Posted: 7/9/2003 5:53:17 PM EST
OK. I admit iy. I was wrong. Tried it on an AK gas piston tonite and that carbon ran off like it was water. Have no idea what I was doing wrong before. Go ahead. Insult me; shoot my dog; Call my mom Hillary. I deserve it. SD
Link Posted: 7/13/2003 3:22:46 AM EST
did it remove the carbon in the grooves in the gas piston?? if so i am buying some wonder shit.
Link Posted: 7/13/2003 11:09:07 AM EST
[b]did it remove the carbon in the grooves in the gas piston?? if so i am buying some wonder shit.[b] Oh yeah! The entire gas piston looks as if it is new in the wrapper. Good luck. SD
Link Posted: 7/15/2003 3:35:00 AM EST
Well I waited until I got a few more tries under my belt, with different weapons. AK and AR10T's. It worked good for me. Maybe it's the ammo/powder. Perhaps a certain powder type leaves a carbon residue that is resistant to the compound. All of my ammo is US made factory HPBT stuff (Fed TRU, Tactical or match to be exact). I've tried it with US M80, M193 and M855 with good results too. I think this deserves an official.....hmmmmmmmm
Link Posted: 7/22/2003 4:23:37 PM EST
Tried the SLIP 2000 Gas piston/choke tube cleaner. Works well and smells good. If the jar lasts for a year, it will be worth the cost. (About $25)
Link Posted: 7/22/2003 5:34:24 PM EST
My 16 oz. jar has lasted over a year. Make sure you keep the lid on. Even when this stuff turns black from all the crud in it it keeps on cleaning. I us a paint filter to screen out any big chuncks put that was only one time. I found a new use for it cleaning my 357 pistol cylinder face. Lead and carbon all gone in 15 min. Looks like brand new. The Slip 2000 web site sells it for $12.50 plus $4-5.00 for shipping UPS. Crisco
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