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Posted: 10/9/2004 8:28:21 AM EDT
Can you not order online from them except during business hours?Sorry if this is the wrong forum.
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 9:38:20 AM EDT
No one knows?
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 9:48:47 AM EDT
what happened to make you ask this?
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 9:50:17 AM EDT
You CAN place a SAW order on-line at any time. They download all accumulated on-line orders during business hours. Hope this helps.
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 9:56:35 AM EDT

Originally Posted By Spooge5150:
what happened to make you ask this?

I have tried repeatedly to place an order today with no results;applet starts and then nothing.
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 10:01:20 AM EDT
Are you using windows xp for an OS?
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 10:04:57 AM EDT
It just worked;thanks for the responses.
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 11:39:40 AM EDT
I was trying to use the web site the other day to order and their cart software sucks ass. My first problem was I'd selected a page from the browser history and the cart doesn't work if you're not in their framed environment. So I corrected that and selected a bunch of items only to find that I couldn't view my cart because of the pop-op blocker. When I disabled the pop-up blocker it reloaded the page which blew away my cart. So I started over again and was able to view my cart, but had to make several corrections because when you add an item to the cart the only indication that it was added is that the total at the top of the screen updates. Several items got added twice because I didn't see the total get increased and a couple items didn't get added to the cart. So I got all of that straightened out only to find that I couldn't select anything from the pulldown at the bottom, I think it's where you enter your zip for calculating the shipping.

Finally I said to hell with it and picked up the phone. She was pleasant to talk to, extremely helpful, answered a couple questions about things I wasn't sure on, and pointed out a way I could knock a large chunk off the total by getting some of the parts as bundles instead of individually.
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 12:19:34 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/9/2004 12:20:17 PM EDT by Bradd_D]
I just used their online ordering system keeping what Hoplophile just said in mind and it worked fine. When you input your zip code at the top the shipping pulldown mwnu at the bottom activates and you can select your shipping method (i.e. Ground, 2nd Day Air, etc.). I've always ordered by phone or fax in the past, but I wanted to see how this system works.
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 12:50:35 PM EDT
I think it may be a problem with overly aggresive firewalls;I'll let you know Monday when I call Tina to confirm.Whenever you talk to Tina you will get the real deal.I just hope my deal went through.
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 12:53:39 PM EDT
What is their website, just curious. Thanks.
Link Posted: 10/9/2004 1:01:47 PM EDT
if running winxp you need to install java to use their site.

WinXP doesn't come with it.

Link Posted: 10/9/2004 1:02:17 PM EDT

Originally Posted By TorchUall:
What is their website, just curious. Thanks.

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