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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/14/2003 2:44:45 PM EST
I’ve heard that there were some problems with the assault rifle supposedly found in the D.C. “snipers’” car. I remember some confusion, but let me see what everyone else thinks. Remember this is just what I’ve heard, a rumor.

The original story from the FBI was that they traced the rifle to a gun shop in WA (but it wasn’t Bullseye). But the gun shop (forgot the name) said that they did sell a Bushmaster rifle with that serial number to the Muhammad. However, he returned it the next day and they then sold it to another customer. Curious the gun shop called the owner they had on record and this owner swears that he still has that Bushmaster (note the gun shop never told him why they were inquiring). After this the official story was changed to Bullseye and that the gun was one of 230 or so that were stolen over the last two years. Anyone heard this before?

If there is any validity to this then it raises several questions (conspiracy time!).

1. If they traced the rifle why didn’t they know that Muhammad had returned it? Maybe they just looked in a database that had all the names of people who bought firearms and saw the match? But wouldn’t they still know that it had been returned? Not if the database was the instant background check that is suppose to be discarded. Think about it. A database that tracks who has what gun would be near impossible to keep (private sales), but a database that simply entered the information of the person buying the gun would be easy and wouldn’t require any maintenance.

2. If 1. doesn’t hold any water and they traced it legally, why would they trace a gun that belonged to someone else (since the other gun store had records stating that they sold it elsewhere)? Unless the gun they say they found in the car wasn’t actually in the car.

3. If 1 and 2 are no good, then why aren’t there charges against Bushmaster or the gun shop for multiple guns having the same serial numbers? Probably because there aren’t two guns with the same numbers and thus no crime by Bushmaster or this other gun store.

4. Why is a store that lost 230 guns in two years still in business, considering how strict the ATF is on such matters? Are the missing guns just a ploy?

Well enough Government conspiracies for me.
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