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Posted: 7/21/2013 3:58:14 PM EST
My recent experience with Rguns - Email trail after 8 weeks:

>> Okay, I give up. Please cancel order number 2282-9766-2884, ordered "IN
>> > STOCK" on 5-28-2013. Obviously, you have nothing in stock, it would be
>> > nice if you would update your website to match. Fortunately for you, I
>> > will never darken your door again.

On 7/20/2013 8:40 AM, rguns@voyager.net wrote:
>> >yes we ship out thousands of empty packages every week. if you would
>> read the big red banner on WWW.RGUNS.NET it tells you we are flooded
>> with orders and shipping as fast as we can. also this order would have
>> gone out in the next few days but now will go to the next guy in line.
>> have a nice day.

> Sorry to hear that you have such a sad, sad problem. It certainly makes
> your complete lack of respect for your customers totally excusable.

> just some customers are just ------------------ any way.

Guess I was a ________ for saying anything. Life is too short to deal with complete assholes....
Link Posted: 7/21/2013 4:09:17 PM EST
There is an Rguns thread that describes their non-existant customer service. I think it is in the "Build it Yourself" section.

I ordered an "in-stock" bolt carrier group from them in Feb. Then I found the thread about how bad they are and I found one somewhere else. It finally showed up 2 weeks ago. Took just over 4 months for it to arrive. Worked out good as my son and I are assembling a few lowers we have.
Link Posted: 7/21/2013 4:12:18 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/21/2013 4:12:48 PM EST by Dan_Gray]
Rguns is awesome if you're patient. When you order, they'll get it to you. Eventually. They suck if you need something fast or expect any decent customer service.
Link Posted: 7/21/2013 4:33:03 PM EST
Long story short..

Ordered some colt mags about 6 years ago, they poked around for weeks on end, I cancelled the order, a YEAR later, I get a package in the mail, it was the mags. I decided to keep them but thought that was pretty shitty of them, That was my first and last order with them.
Link Posted: 7/21/2013 5:07:50 PM EST
I wonder how many orders, "would have gone out tomorrow" after they cancelled.
Link Posted: 7/24/2013 7:49:29 AM EST
My brothers recent experience wit R Guns

He ordered Feb 2013, was told about 8 weeks wait ....

In May he contacted them because he still hadn't received anything was told 1 more week not to worry because card wasn't charged until unit shipped.

June 10 th, the funds were charged against his card.

July 9th after not receiving anything & R Guns wasn't responding to inquiries he contacted his bank. The bank reviewed the R guns website & concurred they violated a contract and would fully credit brothers account & not let R guns charge a cancel fee.

An hour after the bank visit, UPS knocks at the door with the package from R guns. So brother on banks advice refuses package. Contacts bank to see if they can revers this mornings action & he can accept the package. They agree, he calls UPS and is able to get package.

His order included a nickle boron full auto bolt, how ever they sent just the standard bolt . Somehow the shipping & the extra cost for what a nic / bor bolt was adjusted so that he really wasn't out cash but didn't get the bolt he wanted.

A full 5 months after ordering very little contact extremely poor to say the least. He does like the way it shoots so far. However he will never buy another thing from them, not even from a third party.

As for myself, I will follow suit & in no way support R Guns .....
Link Posted: 7/24/2013 9:43:52 AM EST
Par for the course. I ordered an "IN STOCK" upper in January and received it about 3 weeks ago.
Link Posted: 7/24/2013 1:16:01 PM EST
I ordered an AKS-74u kit on January 11th. I ordered 2 nickel boron BCG's on February 14th. They were advertising 4-6 week delivery time on both items when the orders were placed. My shop moved locations late Feb, early March, and I emailed them that we were moving so I needed to change the bill to and ship to addresses, but I got no replies. March 23rd I get a phone call that the AKSU kit is ready to ship so I gave them the new address and I asked them how far out we were on the BCG's that were "in stock" and wondered if we could combine the orders and get them on the way. What the lady told me is a revelation to why they are so slow at processing orders. Her exact words were "We dont have a computerized system, so I cant look it up or find out about the other order at this time". I said "so you have all of your orders on notepads or what?" and she said "yeah, basically". The BCG's showed up mid May.
So, this is 2013, who the hell doesnt use computers? Somalia has computers.
Link Posted: 7/24/2013 2:50:25 PM EST
If you guys actually visited RGuns like I have many times, you'd realize that they're at a hole-in-the-wall little store that you'd pass up easily if you didn't know it was there. After you go in, it looks like a place that could easily pack up and move to a new location overnight...at least the store area.

They're customer service is okay in person, but most of the time I get a slight feeling they can't wait until the store is empty so they can go hide in the back room again. I found it funny one time when everyone was complaining about not getting bolt carriers shipped at the end of the total panic ,yet they had quite a few in the display cases.
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